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The St. Paddy's Day Paddle OC-6 Race - March 18th

Divisions: Women's Open Race at 10:00 am
Men's Open Race at 11:30 am

Course: Due to near zero visibility on the open water, the race course was changed. We started at Burrard Marina and raced to Science World and back.
Thanks to all those who showed up and braved the cold, wet weather. The temperature was 7 C and the rainfall was 8.4 mm for the day. It felt like much more. Thanks to Rick from False Creek for running the escort boat. Next year we'll work on better organization and better weather!

Race Results
Boat Time Overall Finish
Women - Heat #1
   FCRCC Lori30:30 1
   JOCC Yellow33:27 3
   JOCC Black34:18 5
   Lotus Blue38:23 8
   FCRCC Green38:40 9
Women - Heat #2
   FCRCC Yellow33:25 2
   Lotus33:46 4
   JOCC Yellow 34:41 6
   FCRCC Green36:30 7
   JOCC Black40:39 10
   FCRCC Cam27:44 1
   JOCC Paul28:30 2
   JOCC Dan28:56 3
   Lotus30:15 4
   JOCC Black30:55 5
   JOCC Yellow33:05 6
   FCRCC Green34:08 7
   FCRCC Yellow34:24 8

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