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Queen Lili'uokalani Long Distance Canoe Race
September 1, 2007 - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Gabe and company waving the flag

Gabe and company waving the flag at Honaunau (end of women's race, start of men's race)
MEN's Division
Overall Team Category Place in
1Team Livestrong 1Non Tradition11:43:16
2Tui Tonga 2Iron Open NK11:43:42
3Outrigger 4Iron Open NK21:43:51
4Lanakila 2Iron Open NK31:44:56
5Hawaiian 1Iron Open NK41:45:27
6Leeward Kai 3Iron Open NK51:45:57
7Team New ZealandIron Open NK61:46:27
8Hawaiian 2Iron Open NK71:46:36
9Keauhou 8Masters11:47:43
10Hui Lanakila 8Iron Open NK81:47:51
11RuahatuHawaiian Racers11:48:03
12Team Livestrong 2Non Tradition21:48:06
13Namalokama 1Iron Open NK91:48:13
14Kailua 5Iron Open NK101:48:47
15Outrigger 5Iron Open NK111:49:18
16Pirae Va'aMasters21:49:41
17Keaukaha 2Iron Open NK121:49:47
18Pirae Va'a 1Iron Open NK131:49:58
19Leeward Kai 2Iron Open NK141:51:35
20Hawaiian 3Iron Open NK151:52:06
21Outrigger 6Iron Open Koa11:52:17
22Puna 1Hawaiian Racers2 1:52:27
23Kailua 6Iron Open NK161:52:40
24Hui Lanakila 6Iron Open NK171:52:49
25Team ManotahiIron Open NK181:53:06
26Tui Tonga 3Iron Open Koa21:53:18
27Keauhou 7Senior Masters11:53:37
28Imua 4Iron Open Koa31:54:01
29Hui Lanakila 7Iron Masters NK11:54:14
30Lanikai 9Non Tradition31:54:19
31Kailua 4Senior Masters21:54:21
32Kai Opua 3Masters31:54:35
33Waikiki Beach Boys 2Iron Open NK191:54:42
34Hawaiian 4Iron Open NK201:54:49
35Puakea Foundation 1Iron Open Koa41:54:59
36Lae' Ula O Kai 8Iron Masters NK21:55:01
37Kai Opua 2Iron Open NK211:55:04
38Kahana 5Iron Open NK221:55:10
39Kalihi KaiIron Open NK231:57:17
40Tui Tonga 1Hawaiian Racers3 1:57:31
41Kihei 2Masters4 1:57:33
42Kawaihae 4Hawaiian Racers4 1:57:41
43Kai Opua 1Iron Open Koa51:58:03
44Kawaihae 5Golden Master11:58:11
45Kai EluaIron Masters NK31:58:22
46Healani 1Iron Open NK241:58:24
47Lanikai 1Iron Open NK251:58:27
48Kahana 6Iron Open NK261:58:58
49Anuenue 2Hawaiian Racers5 1:58:59
50Lae' Ula O Kai 7Iron Open NK271:59:02
51Keoua 4Iron Open Koa61:59:04
52Puna 2Masters51:59:38
53Namolokama 2Iron Open NK282:00:09
54KukuiolaIron Open NK292:00:23
55Newport Aquatic CenterIron Open NK302:00:28
56Hanalei 1Hawaiian Racers6 2:00:30
57Hawaiian Kanaktion 1Golden Master22:00:38
58Papa Kimitete 2Iron Open Koa72:00:59
59Hawaiian 5Iron Open NK312:01:06
60Kaiola 4Iron Masters NK42:01:20
61Kamehameha 4Iron Open Koa82:01:28
62Kailua 2Iron Masters Koa12:01:29
63Kaiola 3Iron Open NK322:01:52
64Keahiakahoe 1Iron Open NK332:01:54
65Any KineHFDIron Open NK342:02:29
66Keauhou 1Golden Master32:02:38
67Sail Sand PointIron Masters NK52:02:50
68Kona Atheletics 3Iron Open NK352:02:53
69Keoua 2Hawaiian Racers7 2:02:54
70Kamehameha 6Iron Open NK362:02:56
71Imua 5Iron Open NK372:03:08
72Koa Kai 1Iron Open NK382:03:21
73ChigasakiIron Open NK392:03:26
74New Hope 1Iron Open NK402:03:31
75Leeward Kai 1Iron Open NK412:03:49
76Central Surf Club 2Iron Open NK422:03:54
77Nakeiki O Ka Moi 1Masters62:03:59
78Jericho Outrigger *Dq'd - didn't finish with full crewIron Senior MastersDQ'd2:04:00
79Waikiki Beach Boys 3Iron Open NK432:05:17
80Santa Barbara Outrigger 3Iron Open NK442:05:30
81Kaiola 2Iron Golden Master 12:05:32
82Keoua 3Golden Master42:05:51
83Team Golden StateIron Golden Master 22:05:52
84Dragonauts 2Iron Open NK452:05:57
85Great Lakes Grand MastersIron Grand Masters12:06:08
86Alapa Hoe 2Iron Open NK462:06:25
87Pale Kai 3Masters72:06:26
88Lanakila 1Iron Open NK472:06:30
89Santa Barbara Outrigger 2Iron Open NK482:07:24
90Austin OutriggerIron Open NK492:07:28
91KeohiakahoeSenior Masters32:07:41
92Kai EhituHawaiian Racers82:07:43
93WaiakeaIron Masters Koa22:08:05
94Kihei 1Iron Open NK502:08:11
95Kahana 7Iron Open NK512:08:14
96Anuenue 1Grand Masters12:08:24
97Kamamalahoe 4Senior Masters42:08:28
98Hui Wa'a O WakinikonaIron Grand Masters22:08:29
99Pale Kai 1Iron Open NK522:08:35
100Team Arizona 2Iron Masters NK62:08:59
101Ikuna Koa 2Iron Open NK532:09:01
102Kaneohe 1Iron Open NK542:09:07
103Kai Poha 4Iron Open NK552:10:22
104New Hope 2Iron Open NK562:10:38
105Imua 6Hawaiian Racers9 2:11:29
106Keauhou 2Iron Open Koa92:11:32
107Kaiola 1Hawaiian Racers10 2:11:34
108Keola O Ke KaiIron Open NK572:12:04
109Outrigger CC Japan 1Iron Open NK582:12:20
110Waikoloa 2Non Tradition42:12:25
111Pacific Reach 2Iron Open NK592:12:27
112Shonan Japan 1Iron Open NK602:12:34
113Waikiki Beach Boys 1Iron Open NK612:13:12
114Kai OniIron Open NK622:13:33
115Waikoloa 1Iron Masters Koa 3 2:13:57
116New Hope 4Iron Senior Masters12:14:44
117Imua 3Iron Golden Master 32:15:32
118New Hope 3Iron Masters NK72:15:37
119Lanikai 8Iron Grand Masters32:16:34
120Lae' Ula O Kai 6Iron Open NK632:16:47
121KeohiakahleIron Masters NK82:16:53
122Kaze UilaIron Open NK642:17:08
123Keala 1Iron Open NK652:17:13
124Kahana 8Iron Grand Masters42:17:36
125Keahiakahoe 2Iron Grand Masters52:18:21
126Keauhaha 1Iron Grand Masters62:18:27
127Waikiki Yacht Club 2Iron Open NK662:18:30
128Kamehameha 5Grand Masters22:18:44
129Waikiki Yacht Club 3Iron Open NK672:18:46
130Team Ray 3Iron Masters NK92:19:43
131Na Wa'a HanakahiHawaiian Racers11 2:20:04
132Kihei 3Iron Grand Masters72:20:37
133Hano Hano 1Iron Open NK682:20:48
134Ikuna Koa 1Iron Open NK692:20:58
135Alapa Hoe 1Iron Masters Koa42:21:24
136Na Kai EwaluIron Open NK702:22:34
137Na Alakahi O Ke KaiIron Open NK712:23:46
138Arizona Dry Heat 4Iron Masters Koa52:24:04
139Hui LokahiIron Open NK722:27:53
140Kihei 4Iron Grand Masters82:29:10
141Arizona Dry Heat 3Iron Open NK732:30:18
142Kai Poha 3Iron Open NK742:34:52
143KalikaiIron Masters NK102:43:31
144Newport Aquatic BlidesidersIron Open NK752:54:02

WOMEN's Division
Overall Team Category Place in
1Hui Lanakila 5Iron Open NK12:18:39
2Waikiki Beach Boys 5Iron Open NK22:21:59
3Team Bradley 1Iron Open NK32:22:20
4Team Bradley 2Iron Open NK42:24:38
5Kai Ehitu 2Iron Open NK52:25:20
6Lanakila 5Iron Open NK62:25:40
7Namolokama 3Iron Open NK72:26:52
8Hui Lanakila 4Iron Open NK82:28:36
9Waikiki Beach Boys 4Iron Open Koa12:29:49
10Outrigger 2Iron Masters NK12:30:28
11Lae'Ula O Kai 2Iron Open NK92:31:32
12Hui Lanakila 3Iron Open NK102:31:54
13Hawaiian 7Iron Open NK112:33:18
14Kahana 1Iron Open NK122:35:04
15Kailua 1Iron Open NK132:35:20
16Waikiki Beach Boys 6Iron Open NK142:35:45
17Kai Opua 4Iron Masters NK22:35:47
18Papa Kimitete 1Iron Open Koa22:35:49
19Outrigger 1Iron Open NK152:35:59
20Lae'Ula O Kai 1Iron Masters NK32:36:45
21Hui Lanakila 2Iron Open NK162:37:10
22Healani 2Iron Open NK172:38:54
23Marina Del Rey 2Iron Open NK182:39:16
24Lanikai 2Iron Masters NK42:39:25
25NiumaluIron Open NK192:40:05
26Scattered AussiesIron Masters NK52:40:31
27Kailua 3Iron Senior Masters12:40:43
28Manu O Ke KaiIron Open NK202:40:54
29Hanalei 3Iron Open NK212:41:47
30Koa Kai 3Iron Open NK222:41:52
31Puna 3Hawaiian Racers12:42:04
32Northern Beaches AustraliaIron Masters NK62:42:29
33KialoaIron Masters NK72:42:45
34Kahana 2Iron Open NK232:42:54
35Healani 3Iron Open NK242:43:58
36Kawaihae 1Iron Open NK252:44:19
37Kamehameha 1Iron Masters Koa12:44:37
38Dana OutriggerIron Open Koa32:44:50
39Hawaiian 6Iron Open NK262:45:06
40Lanikai 3Iron Open NK272:45:21
41Kukui O MolokaiIron Open NK282:45:57
42Keaukaha 1Iron Open NK292:46:22
43Lanikai 4Non Tradition12:46:24
44Hawaiian 8Iron Open NK302:47:18
45Waa KapaemuaMasters12:48:10
46Keauhou 5Masters22:48:27
47Lae' Ula O Kai 5Iron Open NK312:48:32
48Waikiki Beach Boys 7Iron Open NK322:48:49
49Kona Athletic 1Iron Masters Koa22:49:12
50Lae' Ula O Kai 4Iron Open NK332:49:16
51Waikiki Beach Boys 8Iron Open NK342:49:34
52Kahana 3Iron Open NK352:50:11
53Waikoloa 4Non Tradition22:50:32
54Kai Opua 6Hawaiian Racers22:51:02
55Lanakila 3Iron Open NK362:52:11
56New Hope 7Iron Open NK372:52:51
57Na Keiki O Kamoi 1Iron Open NK382:53:12
58Kihei 6Iron Masters NK82:53:14
59Hui Lanakila 1Iron Open NK392:53:45
60Puna 4Masters32:53:56
61Hawaiian 9Iron Senior Masters22:54:57
62Kawaihae 3Iron Masters NK92:55:43
63KukuiulaIron Masters NK102:55:57
64Imua Outrigger 2Iron Open Koa42:56:12
65Keoua 1Masters42:56:13
66Kona Athletic 2Non Tradition32:56:38
67Pale Kai 2Iron Open NK402:57:03
68Nor Cal WahinesIron Open NK412:57:38
69Kahana 4Iron Open NK422:57:40
70Hanalei 2Iron Senior Masters32:57:51
71Hano Hano 2Hawaiian Racers32:58:03
72Waikiki Beach Boys 9Iron Open NK432:58:05
73Kamamalahoe 1Iron Open NK442:58:08
74Imua Outrigger 1Iron Masters Koa32:58:26
75Lanikai 5Iron Open NK452:58:33
76Keauhou 6Senior Masters12:58:40
77Kihei 7Iron Senior Masters42:59:12
78Keauhou 4Iron Open Koa52:59:33
79Waikiki Yacht Club 1Iron Open NK463:00:12
80Santa Barbara Outrigger 1Iron Open NK473:00:28
81Big Island Mix PlateHawaiian Racers43:01:00
82Kai Opua 5Golden Master13:01:42
83Waimanalo 1Iron Open NK483:01:55
84Kawaihae 2Hawaiian Racers53:02:00
85Outrigger 3Iron Open Koa63:02:02
86Koa Kai 2Iron Open NK493:02:03
87Kamehameha 2Masters53:02:13
88Lae' Ula O Kai 3Iron Open NK503:02:25
89Marina Del Rey 1Iron Open NK513:02:27
90Healani 4Iron Open NK523:02:46
91Dragonauts 1Iron Open NK533:02:47
92Kai IkaikaIron Masters NK113:03:20
93Kai Opua 7Hawaiian Racers63:03:39
94New Hope 6Iron Masters NK123:04:22
95Arizona Dry Heat 2Iron Masters Koa43:05:56
96Healani 5Iron Open NK543:06:05
97Keauhou HuinaluIron Senior Masters53:06:08
98Honolulu Pearl 1Iron Open NK553:06:18
99Kaneohe 2Iron Open NK563:07:04
100Lanikai 7Iron Open NK573:07:17
101Keauhou 3Golden Master23:07:30
102Pacific Reach 1Iron Open NK583:07:42
103Lanikai 6Iron Golden Master13:08:19
104Kupa'a MauIron Open NK593:08:48
105PuuWaiIron Masters NK133:09:16
106Team Arizona 1Iron Open NK603:10:02
107Kihei 8Hawaiian Racers73:10:11
108Puakea Foundation 2Iron Masters Koa53:10:46
109Team Ray 2Iron Open NK613:11:03
110New Hope 8Iron Open NK623:11:11
111Koa Kai 4Iron Open NK633:11:20
112Shonan Japan 2Iron Open NK643:11:48
113Marina Del Rey 3Masters63:12:18
114Nakeiki O Ka Moi 2Masters73:13:21
115Waikoloa 3Iron Open NK653:13:32
116Pu'uwai 2Iron Senior Masters63:13:46
117Anuenue 3Iron Masters NK143:13:59
118Hanalei 4Hawaiian Racers83:14:22
119WaileaIron Open NK663:15:17
120Kamehameha 3Hawaiian Racers93:16:03
121ImuaIron Open NK673:17:38
122Kamamalahoe 2Iron Masters NK153:17:49
123Kai Poha 1Iron Golden Master23:19:15
124New Hope 5Iron Senior Masters73:19:21
125He'ahahoaIron Senior Masters83:20:44
126Kaiola 5Iron Golden Master33:20:57
127Lanakila 4Iron Open NK683:21:34
128Keala 2Iron Open NK693:21:46
129Outrigger CC Japan 2Iron Open NK703:22:38
130Hawaiian 10Grand Masters13:23:19
131Kamamalahoe 3Senior Masters23:23:26
132Waikoloa MamalahoeGrand Masters23:24:38
133Alapa Hoe 3Iron Masters Koa63:24:52
134Team Ray 1Iron Open NK713:24:58
135KawaikiniIron Open NK723:25:44
136Central Surf Club 1Iron Open NK733:27:37
137Honolulu Pearl 2Iron Open NK743:28:21
138Kaneohe 3Iron Masters Koa73:29:18
139Kai Poha 2Iron Open NK753:40:11
140Arizona Dry Heat 1Iron Open NK763:43:47
141Na Leo O KekaiIron Open NK774:03:13

Overall Team Category Place in
1Steinlager 12 PackOpen Men139:51
2RuahatuOpen Men240:33
3Hawaiian 2Open Men340:41
4Pirae Va.aOpen Men441:46
5Waikiki Beach Boys 1Open Men544:37
6Kaiola 3Open Men644:43
7Kawaihae 2Golden Master Men145:37
8Kamehameha 3Open Men746:00
9Hui Waa o wakinikonaGrand Master Men146:51
10Anuenue/KeauhouGrand Master Men247:26
11Team Golden StateGolden Master Men248:04
12Kaiola 2Senior Master Men149:14
13Keauhou 2 Grand Master Men351:51
14Kai PohaGolden Master Men352:56
15Lanakila Open Men854:49
1Kai EhituOpen Women147:52
2Scattered AussiesMaster Women149:27
3Waikiki Beach Boys 2Open Women249:59
4Lae.Ula Okai 1Open Women350:04
5Kamehameha 1 Master Women251:41
6Kihei/KailuaSenior Master Women152:08
7Keauhou Canoe ClubGrand Master Women153:44
8LanikaiGolden Master Women154:10
9Kawaihae 1Open Women454:32
10Kamehameha 2Open Women556:25
11Honolulu Pearl Open Women656:52
12KaiolaSenior Master Women256:57
13HawaiianGrand Master Women257:39
14Puakea FoundationSenior Master Women359:14
15Grand Flame WahineGrand Master Women31:04:23
1NamolokamaMixed Open142:43
2Keauhou 4Mixed Open244:02
3Lae.Ula O Kai 2Mixed Open344:33
4Hanalei Mixed Open447:27
5Kukuiula Outrigger Mixed Open547:44
6Kawaihae 3Mixed Open647:46
7Kihei 3 Mixed Open749:17
8KeouaMixed Open850:10
9Imua 1Mixed Open950:52
10Alapa HoeMixed Open1051:01
11Na Kai EwalaMixed Open1151:03
12Outrigger CC JapanMixed Open1251:29
13Pacific ReachMixed Open1351:52
14Arizona Dry HeatMixed Open1451:59
15Team ArizonaMixed Open1555:07
16LokahiMixed Open1656:07
17Keauhou 3Mixed Open1757:23
18VenturaMixed Open1859:21

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