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PNWORCA Winter Series 2007

RACE 6 - Portland, Willamette River, Multnomah Channel Canoe Club, March 24, 2007
Conditions:Overcast, some drizzle; current at approximate 0.6 mph, guage height at Morrison Bridge at 7.5 feet.
All races approximately 10 km. / 6 miles. Points are awarded based on finishing place in 5 out of 7 races.
Full series details available on the Pacific Northwest Outrigger web site.

SHORT COURSE (4.7 miles)
Place Time Paddler(s) Category Place in
10:53:05Kathleen SchuckmanWomen's Kayak Open1
20:55:25Annie HawkinsWomen's OC1 Senior Masters1
30:55:51Eileen Shatluck/Emily GoodmanWomen's OC2 Open1
 DNFIvan WashingtonMen's OC1 Junior 
 DNFKristina WaibusWomen's OC1 Junior 
LONG COURSE (8.5 miles)
Place Time Paddler(s) Category Place in
10:53:05Kathleen SchuckmanWomen's Kayak Open1
21:09:15David WilliamsMen's OC1 Open1
31:09:44Shane BakerMen's Surfski Kapuna Masters1
41:10:32Laurence RosenMen's Surfski Open1
51:10:54Mulu TapasaMen's OC1 Open2
61:10:58Doug Miyata/Sabina JesselMixed OC2 Senior Masters1
71:11:05David HalpernMen's OC1 Golden Masters1
81:11:19Rick RotherMen's Surfski Masters1
91:11:20Douglas NicholsMen's OC1 Senior Masters1
101:11:26Daryl HoggeMen's OC1 Open3
111:11:27Geoff BriggsMen's OC1 Open4
121:11:33Steve WorkmanMen's OC1 Masters1
131:12:05Larry PorterMen's OC1 Golden Masters2
141:12:21Jacob MurrayMen's OC1 Open5
151:13:45Paul MartinMen's OC1 Masters2
161:14:09Scott MoodyMen's OC1 Senior Masters2
171:14:14Hank JohnsonMen's OC1 Kapuna Masters1
181:14:43Lynn Purdy/Kelly PorterWomen's OC2 Open1
191:14:59Craig HoltMen's OC1 Kapuna Masters2
201:15:09Marti TraverMen's OC1 Senior Masters3
211:16:59Justin WilliamsMen's OC1 Open1
221:17:31Alan and Beth SanchezMixed OC2 Open1
231:18:03Boy Chun FookMen's OC1 Senior Masters4
241:18:08Laura Ricker/Kathy WhaleyWomen's OC2 Open2
251:18:20Joel StrimlingMen's OC1 Masters3
261:19:43Lance MamiyaMen's OC1 Masters4
271:19:45Pete WylieMen's Surfski Kapuna Masters2
281:21:14Erin ThorsgardWomen's OC1 Open1
291:22:07Hawk ConradMen's OC1 Senior Masters5
301:25:58Jonathan MooreMen's OC1 Open7
311:27:13John RichardsonMen's OC1 Senior Masters6
321:27:16Russ WoosleyMen's OC1 Senior Masters7
331:43:56Cris TrimbleWomen's OC1 Senior Masters1

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