Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
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Okanagan Small Boat Series Rattlesnake Run 2007 - August 25, 2007
Race distance approx. 8.5 km.
Overall Paddler(s) / Club Category Category
1Paul HardyMen's Open Surfski144:38
2Bob Woodman (VRCC)Men's Masters OC1146:30
3Mike Norton (Calgary)rMen's Open OC1148:03
4Mike & Gargy (VOS / PR)Mixed Open OC2148:21
5Brent Tibben (PRCC)Men's Open OC1251:13
6Brad Lee (PRCC)Men's Senior Masters OC1151:23
7Two Little Men with Big Hearts (PRCC)
aka Don Mulhall and son Liam (age 8ish)
Men's Open OC2153:04
8Jeff Chandler (Kelowna)Men's Open OC1354:28
9Ron Pronger (PRCC)Men's Golden Masters OC1354:36
10Kipling Cancade (Calgary)Women's Open OC1158:15

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