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Molokai Hoe
October 11, 2009 - Molokai to Oahu, Hawaii
The Tahitians did it again - for the 4th year in a row. No records set this year, just another win!

Note: The 10 min. infractions this year were based on the following rule: 2009 - All crews must be in complete CREW uniform at the START and COMPLETION of the race. Crews not in full uniform will be penalized.

PlaceRace TimeCrewDivDiv PlaceInfraction
14:40:17.2Shell Va'aOpen1 
24:52:24.0Wailea CC / Team PrimoOpen2 
34:57:51.8Paddling ConnectionOpen3 
45:02:15.4Era'I Va'aOpen4 
55:05:22.6Lanikai Canoe ClubOpen5 
65:07:24.3Outrigger Canoe Club-ROpen6 
85:09:00.1Hui Lanakila # 1Open8 
95:12:08.0Kailua # 1Open9 
105:16:04.7Hui Lanakila-U not dat oneOpen10 
115:18:48.4Hawaiian Canoe Club 1Open11 
125:21:07.9Northcliffe "A"Open12 
135:21:49.3Keahiakahoe -BLKOpen13 
145:25:23.4Hui Nalu GoldOpen14 
155:27:26.0Healani Canoe Club IOpen15 
165:28:31.1Kailua # 2Open16 
175:30:00.9Na MolokamaOpen17 
185:30:41.3Lanakila CaliforniaOpen18 
205:32:42.2Kai OpuaOpen20 
215:33:30.5Kaiola Canoe ClubOpen21 
225:34:02.2Waikiki Beach Boys #1Open22 
235:35:08.4Leeward KaiOpen23 
245:35:18.7Paddle Sport PerformanceOpen24 
255:35:34.8Mooloolaba/Mooloolaba Sr MastersOpen25 
265:37:04.3NORTHCLIFFE "B"50+1 
275:38:40.4Outrigger Canoe Club-wOpen26 
285:39:45.4Outrigger Canoe Club40+1 
305:43:27.6Kailua Canoe Club50+2 
315:44:11.8Kihei Canoe ClubOpen27 
325:45:28.2HUI NALU40+3 
345:47:11.7Lanikai Canoe ClubOpen28 
365:47:20.9Oceanside OutriggerOpen29 
375:48:29.5Kamehameha Canoe Club HiloOpen30 
385:48:33.8Lae Ula o Kai Canoe ClubOpen31 
395:48:57.3Hui Lanakila # 4Open32 
405:49:11.4Hawaiian Canoe Club 2Open33 
415:51:03.3Anuenue # 1Open34 
425:51:35.5Te Awa Haku/ Air New Zealand DogfishOpen35 
435:51:45.8Puna Canoe ClubOpen36 
445:51:59.4Niu MaluOpen37 
455:52:10.6Puuwai: East MastersOpen38 
465:56:53.4Team Bradley/Keahiakahoe 55's55+1 
475:58:08.5Kai OpuaOpen39 
496:00:22.1Waikiki Surf ClubOpen41 
506:00:35.2Kailua Canoe Club40+5 
516:04:08.0Hui Nalu 1Open4210min
526:04:44.3Easy Living Paddle ClubOpen43 
536:05:09.2Pacific Northwest40+6 
546:05:19.0Kai Opua40+710min
556:05:25.0Keaukaha Canoe ClubOpen4410min
566:05:36.9Na Kai `Ewalu Canoe Club/Team WainuiOpen45 
576:06:30.4Lanikai Canoe ClubOpen46 
586:07:08.5California Gold55+2 
596:07:16.4Mission Bay Beach BoysOpen47 
616:10:31.6Kahanamoku Surf and Canoe Club40+8 
626:11:24.0Healani Canoe Club IIOpen4910min
636:12:07.8Anuenue Canoe-Kaulana NapuaOpen50 
646:12:59.0Waikiki Beach Boys #2Open51 
656:14:28.0Kukui O MolokaiOpen5210min
676:15:56.0Marina Del RayOpen53 
686:17:31.7Lae Ula O Kai GRNOpen54 
696:18:35.0Hui Lanakila #3Open5510min
706:19:53.7Marina Del Ray 2Open56 
716:20:58.0Akau Hana OutriggerOpen5710min
726:21:35.0Healani Canoe Club IIIOpen5810min
746:22:52.2Honolulu Fire Canoe ClubOpen60 
756:23:44.7Outrigger Canoe Club-bluOpen61 
766:26:03.6North Shore Canoe ClubOpen62 
776:31:03.0Kamamalahoe CanoeOpen6310min
786:32:55.2Kihei/Keauhou CC GM60+1 
796:33:22.9Na Keiki O KamoiOpen64 
806:33:35.8Kamehameha Canoe ClubOpen65 
826:34:43.0Sail Sand PointOpen6610min
836:36:40.0Oceanside 40s40+9 
856:38:01.0Part Time Paddlers/KailuaOpen6710min
866:38:43.3Keola O Ke KaiOpen68 
876:38:45.1Kailua Canoe Club/NoviceOpen69 
886:39:09.0Hawaiian Fire FightersOpen7010min
896:39:54.0Waikiki Beach Boys #3Open7110min
906:40:07.0Kaiola Canoe ClubOpen72 
916:41:26.0New Hope Canoe ClubOpen7310min
926:45:58.0Outrigger Canoe Club60+ 4 
946:46:28.0Hui Nalu Canoe Club55+4 
956:47:14.0Kihei Canoe Club / Team KiheiOpen74 
966:47:55.0Honolulu Pearl Canoe ClubOpen7510min
976:49:30.0Hui Nalu 2Open7610min
986:50:46.0Puuwai OpenOpen77 
996:51:07.0NEW HOPE CANOE CLUB40+1110min
1006:51:34.1Alapa Hoe Canoe ClubOpen78 
1016:53:38.0Kai Oni Canoe ClubOpen7910min
1046:53:56.0Waikiki Yacht ClubOpen8010min
1056:55:56.3Keahiakahoe -ROpen81 
1066:59:42.0Vladivostok Outrigger Canoe ClubOpen8210min
1097:16:56.1Keaukaha Canoe Club55+5 
1107:28:46.0New Hope Canoe Club55+610min
1117:36:18.0New Hope Canoe Club60+510min
1127:38:44.0Pure LightOpen85 
1137:51:44.0New Hope Canoe Club40+13 

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