JOCC - PNW ORCA Winter OC1/2 Series 2009 - Race 1

Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
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PNWORCA Winter Series 2009

RACE 1 - Lake Union WA, January 17, 2009
The first race of the year was post-poned for a week due to floods on the I5 the previous week. It was a cold but clear morning and a great turn out of paddlers eager to get back into race mode. Race hosted by: Seattle Hui Waa O Wakinikona

Place Paddler(s) Category Place in
1Eric MollMen's Surfski Open150:06
2Guy Lawrence & Peter TurcanMen's Double Kayak Master151:16
3Dave Anderson & Will AndersonMen's OC2 Master253:53
4Steve Piefila & Mark MayedaMen's OC2 Master155:57
5Alan GotoMen's OC1 Open156:04
6Eric GerstlMen's OC1 Master156:05
7John MooneyMen's OC1 Open256:17
8Mike GregoryMen's Surfski Golden Master157:32
9David Halpern & Amy HaroldMixed OC2 Open158:35
10Sabine Jessel & Doug MiyataMixed OC2 Master158:46
11Anne BrowningWomen's Surfski Open159:24
12Joel StrimlingMen's OC1 Open359:43
13Rick RotherMen's Surfski Master11:04:00
14Jordan MallochMen's OC1 Open41:01:12
15Vern Heikkila & Jeff WongMen's OC2 Sr Master11:01:22
16Craig HoltMen's OC1 Kupuna11:01:25
17Robert PicardoMen's Surfski Master21:01:47
18Bob StewartMen's OC1- Golden Master11:01:51
19Terri Mayeda & Laura RickertWomen's OC2 Open11:02:10
20Brady GuinnMen's OC1 Open51:02:45
21Jono SaundersMen's OC1 Master21:03:02
22Scott MoodyMen's OC1 Sr Master11:03:16
23Mike HammerMen's OC1 Master31:04:07
24James ClappMen's OC1 Master41:04:34
25Peter ForandMen's OC1 Kupuna21:04:45
26Lance KahnMen's OC1 Golden Master11:05:58
27Boy Chun FookMen's OC1 Sr Master21:06:30
28Gordon MartinezMen's OC1 Master51:07:13
29Pete WylieMen's Surfski Kupuna11:07:14
30Larry MooneyMen's OC1 Kupuna31:07:45
31Troy NishikawaMen's OC1 Master61:08:25
32Clement CorbiellMen's OC1 Sr Master31:09:02
33Lalo MelendezMen's OC1 Kupuna41:12:22
34Russ WoosleyMen's OC1 Master71:12:32
35Stan DahlinMen's OC1 Kupuna51:13:48
36Wendy CarterWomen's OC1 Master11:13:50
37Steve BennettMen's Kayak Kupuna11:14:45
38Bill WalkerMen's Kayak Sr Master11:15:45
39Melissa SwansonWomen's OC1 Master21:18:10
40Rod RodenhurstMen's OC1 Sr Master41:18:11
41Donald KieslingMen's Paddleboard Open11:19:17
42Karri AndersonMen's OC1 Master81:19:20
42Diane Kadolph-RayWomen's OC1 Sr Master11:19:29
43Tom NishikawaMen's OC1 Open61:19:44
44Cris TrimbleWomen's OC1 Sr Master11:21:12
45Rives Hassell-CorbeillWomen's OC1 Golden Master11:26:22

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