Vancouver - Canadian Championships 2010 - OC6 Race Results

Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
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Vancouver, BC - Canadian Championships
OC6 Race Results - August 14, 2010
Canadians 2010 Race Course

Hosted by Vancouver Ocean Sports

A different race course (approx. 20km), with lots of turns, provided great view points for spectators, and a bit of swimming for some paddlers. It was a beautiful, sunny day with good racing and a great after party!

~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results

SHORT COURSE (approx. 12 km.)
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1SOAR EldersShort Course11:00:13
2SORA NoviceShort Course Novice11:00:24
3VOS 1Novice Short Course21:01:05
4DeltaShort Course21:01:34
5FCRCC Akahi AkahiNovice Short Course31:02:41
6VOS 2Novice Short Course41:03:55
7FCRCC OahuNovice Short Course51:04:11
8LotusShort Course31:06:33
9Pacific ReachShort Course41:06:44
10Lotus JuniorsJunior Short Course11:09:07
11Vortex 1Novice Short Course61:09:17
12Vortex 2Novice Short Course71:09:21
13FCRCC KauaiNovice Short Course81:11:12
14FCRCC MauiNovice Short Course91:12:52
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1FCRCC 1Open Women11:40:26
2FCRCC 2Open Women21:44:37
3Comox Annie and Her GunsMasters Women11:45:19
4Jericho 1Open Women31:48:23
5GRPC VI VAAOpen Women41:50:37
6ORPC 1Open Women51:53:42
7VOS 1Open Women61:54:15
8Nanaimo Just 4 KicksMasters Women21:55:23
9Comox Wai KaiMasters Women31:57:51
10Pacific ReachMasters Women42:00:05
11ORPC 2Open Women72:01:51
12Lotus WreckOpen Women82:05:06
13Jericho 2Open Women92:07:38
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1VOS 1Open Mixed11:40:17
2Lotus 1Open Mixed21:46:32
3VOS 2Open Mixed31:52:10
4FCRCC E Holomua 1Open Mixed41:52:54
5Pacific ReachOpen Mixed51:54:35
6Pacific ReachMasters Mixed11:54:57
7Wai Lua Wiki WikiOpen Mixed61:57:21
8Wai Lua OhaneOpen Mixed71:58:51
9FCRCC E holomua 2Open Mixed82:02:51
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1Island Braves Canoe ClubOpen Men11:30:04
2Comox RedMasters Men11:30:10
3FCRCC 1Open Men21:31:10
4KelownaOpen Men31:32:17
5GRPC VI Va'aOpen Men41:33:04
6Kai I Kai KaOpen Men51:35:45
7FCRCC 2Open Men61:36:22
8Pacific ReachOpen Men71:38:20
9VOS 1Masters Men21:38:50
10Jericho 1Open Men81:40:13
11Comox BlueMasters Men31:40:41
12Jericho 2Open Men91:44:46
13ORPCOpen Men101:44:47
14FCRCC 3Open Men111:49:17
15GRPC VI Va'a DivoOpen Men121:55:23

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