Bridges 2010 - OC6 and Smallboat Race Results

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Victoria, BC - Bridges OC6 and Smallboat Race Results
October 16/17, 2010

Overall Team Category Place Time
1ORPC Rebel (ORPC)Womens Open10:29:53
2VOS Women (VOS)Womens Open20:30:37
3E Holomua (FCRCC)Womens Open30:31:22
4Wai Kai (CSRCC)Womens Open40:31:33
5ORPC Woolson (ORPC)Womens Open50:31:48
6VI Va'a Devo (GRPC)Womens Open60:32:01
7GD Black (GRPC)Womens Open70:32:31
8ORPC Vivian (ORPC)Womens Open80:32:33
9Pacific Reach (PACR)Womens Open90:32:55
10FLCC Elle Divas (FLCC)Womens Open100:33:59
11VOS Women Novice (VOS)Womens Open110:34:37
12Wahine Warriors (NPC)Womens Open120:36:22
13Flying Monkeys (NPC)Womens Open130:37:05
14Just 4 Kicks (NCKC)Womens Senior Masters10:30:12
15Powell River (POWR)Womens Senior Masters20:31:12
16FC SM Women (FCRCC)Womens Senior Masters30:36:51
Overall Team Category Place Time
1Geronimo (GCC)Mens Open10:24:50
2Island Brave (IB)Mens Open20:25:11
3GD Black (GRPC)Mens Open30:26:05
4Pacific Reach (PACR)Mens Open40:26:17
5VOS Men I (VOS)Mens Open50:26:50
6GD Red (GRPC)Mens Open60:27:17
7ORPC I (ORPC)Mens Open70:27:28
8BP Marauders (NCKC)Mens Open80:27:30
9OMU (NCP)Mens Open90:28:48
10ORPC II (ORPC)Mens Open100:29:00
11GD Gold (GRPC)Mens Open110:29:31
12Xtreme Men (GRPC)Mens Open120:29:53
13VOS NMen I (VOS)Mens Open130:29:57
14VOS NMen II (VOS)Mens Open140:30:09
15E Holomua Men (FCRCC)Mens Open150:30:57
16FCRCC SM Men (FCRCC)Mens Open160:33:48
Overall Team Category Place Time
1FCRCC Mixed (FCRCC)Mixed Open10:26:36
2Geronimo Mixed (GCC)Mixed Open20:27:24
3VOS Mixed I (VOS)Mixed Open30:28:16
4GD Black (GRPC)Mixed Open40:28:22
5The Team (VYPC)Mixed Open50:28:27
6Fourth World (ORPC)Mixed Open60:28:44
7Wai Kai (CSRCC)Mixed Masters10:28:50
8OC Adventurers (NCKC)Mixed Senior Masters10:28:52
9Pac Reach Mixed Masters (PACR)Mixed Masters20:29:05
10GD Red (GRPC)Mixed Open70:29:25
11ORPC Mixed (ORPC)Mixed Senior Masters20:29:25
12GD Gold (GRPC)Mixed Open80:29:40
13Still Kicking (NCKC)Mixed Senior Masters30:29:47
14Lima Mahina (GRPC)Mixed Open90:29:52
15Powell River & Friends (POWR)Mixed Senior Masters40:29:59
16Huliguns (GRPC)Mixed Open100:30:02
17VOS Mixed III (VOS)Mixed Open110:30:02
18Powell River Mixed (POWR)Mixed Masters30:30:04
19VOS Mixed II (VOS)Mixed Open120:30:14
20Who's Not Paddling (ORPC)Mixed Masters40:30:36
21E Holomlia 5 (FCRCC)Mixed Open130:30:38
22Sudden Impact (SIPC)Mixed Open140:30:48
23Pac Reach Mixed (PACR)Mixed Open150:30:57
24Whomp (ORPC)Mixed Masters50:31:10
25Va'a Devo (GRPC)Mixed Open160:31:13
26E Holomlia 4 (FCRCC)Mixed Open170:31:19
27Ama Matters (VCKC)Mixed Open180:31:55
28Autumn Rose CC (AR)Mixed Masters60:32:02
29FLCC Night Riders (FLCC)Mixed Open190:32:09
30Flying Ule (NPC)Mixed Masters70:32:10
31Xtreme Mixed I (GRPC)Mixed Open200:32:28
32Xtreme Mixed II (GRPC)Mixed Open210:32:42
33Castaways (ORPC)Mixed Open220:32:52
34VOS NMI (VOS)Mixed Open230:33:02
35Autumn Rose CC (AR)Mixed Senior Masters50:33:05
36Hulitosis (GRPC)Mixed Open240:33:52
37VOS NMII (VOS)Mixed Open250:33:55
38FC SM Black (FCRCC)Mixed Senior Masters60:34:55
39FC SM Red (FCRCC)Mixed Senior Masters70:35:02
40E Holomlia 3 (FCRCC)Mixed Open260:36:22

Sunday Smallboats
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1Patrick Dann (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens10:25:54
2Jordan Pilon (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens20:27:03
3Elias del Valle (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens30:27:33
4Evan Irwin (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens40:32:13
5Natasha Cross (NCKC)K-1 Junior Womens10:32:56
6Jade Minor (NCKC)K-1 Junior Mens50:33:29
7Isabel Glover (VYPC)K-1 Junior Womens20:36:10
8Elizabeth Kraft (NCKC)OC1 Junior Womens10:37:38
9Adar Brechner (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens60:39:32
10Kenzo Shinkai (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens70:41:11
11Jesse Weir (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens80:41:23
12Stephen Lucato (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens90:42:48
13Nicky Dann (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens100:42:48
14Coen del Valle (VYPC)K-1 Junior Mens110:44:20
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1Gerome TruranK-1 Mens Open10:27:06
2Stijn FrancoisK-1 Mens Open20:30:37
3Marcus KriegerK-1 Mens Open30:33:20
4Ashley Rowe & Ben HawkerK-2 Mixed Open10:33:51
5Karri TuylsOC-1 Womens Sr. Masters10:34:41
6Alec BayesOC-1 Mens Sr. Masters10:35:05
7Karen Bahrey & Tania BadelOC-2 Womens Open10:35:33
8Claire SkillenOC-1 Womens Open10:37:24
9Sue TrantOC-1 Womens Sr. Masters20:37:55
10Carol PalOC-1 Womens Open20:38:18
11Cheryl QuonOC-1 Womens Open30:39:52
12Dianne DonohueOC-1 Womens Sr. Masters3DNF
Overall Paddler(s) Category Place Time
1Gareth Tudor JonesSurfski Mens Open10:44:52
2Jan HalherbeSurfski Mens Open20:44:55
3Jonas HudsonSurfski Mens Open30:46:03
4Kathleen PetereitSurfski Mens Open40:46:09
5Real LabergeSurfski Mens Open50:48:03
6Jerome Truran & Lisa FryerSurfski Mixed Open10:48:12
7Jim Smith & Rob VarnelOC-2 Mens Masters10:48:20
8Ron Williams & Ken CrosbyOC-2 Mens Sr. Masters10:48:24
9Andree Mazure & Tom ArnoldOC-2 Mixed Open20:48:57
10Ryan Pogue & Christine ChardOC-2 Mixed Open30:49:29
11Matthew Michnalie & Wally ChooOC-2 Mens Sr. Masters20:49:43
12Marc Lavertu & Ron DickinsonOC-2 Mens Open10:50:00
13Don CraigSurfski Mens Sr. Masters10:50:18
14Doug Thomas & Tim JollimoreOC-2 Mens Masters20:50:27
15Mel Connard & Karrie WolfeOC-2 Womens Open10:50:50
16Grant McHardieOC-1 Mens Masters10:51:04
17James HillOC-1 Mens Open10:51:27
18George HorneOC-1 Mens Open20:52:48
19Julie Kippen & Paul PilonOC-2 Mixed Masters10:53:30
20Roman MastieschynOC-1 Mens Masters20:54:38
21Esperanza Smith & Sandi MitchellOC-2 Womens Open20:54:48
22Todd AyotteOC-1 Mens Open30:55:04
23Rob MonterioOC-1 Mens Open40:55:19
24Donna Harrison & Elaine RobertsOC-2 Womens Sr. Masters10:56:00
25Lauren Telford-HudsonSurfski Womens Open10:56:46
26Sheila O'SheaSurfski Womens Masters10:57:10
27Tom HoytOC-1 Mens Sr. Masters10:57:51
28Paul ShrimptonOC-1 Mens Open51:00:22
29Jason ClearyOC-1 Mens Open61:07:35

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