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Molokai Hoe
October 10, 2010 - Molokai to Oahu, Hawaii
For the 5th year in a row, Shell Va'a wins again. They just missed their previous record by 15 seconds, set in 2008!

Paddlers were hit with everything, from sun to rain, to the tides and strong ENE winds. Lots of big chop, but not lots of surf. A re-broadcast of the event is available on Ocean Paddler TV.

OverallCrewDivDiv PlaceTimeAvg. MPH
1Shell Va'aOpen14:38:508.8
2Team Opt #1Open24:51:348.4
3Team Opt #2Open34:55:578.3
4Paddling Connection TahitOpen44:57:198.3
5Wailea Canoe Club - TeamOpen54:57:218.3
6Outrigger AustraliaOpen65:02:128.1
7Bora Bora Va'aOpen75:03:478.1
8Lanikai #1Open85:05:108.1
9Erai Va'a TahitiOpen95:07:058.0
10Hui Lanikila #1Open105:10:197.9
11Outrigger CC #1Open115:13:157.9
12Livestrong/Yellow CrewOpen125:14:297.8
13Team Punaauia - TahitiOpen135:18:267.7
14Healani 1Open145:29:157.5
16Hawaiian CC #1Open165:33:257.4
17Hui NaluOpen175:35:297.3
18Kukui'ula Outrigger SurfMasters 40+15:36:237.3
19Lanikai CC #4Open185:37:097.3
20Outrigger CCMasters 40+25:38:117.3
21Kai 'Opua CC #1Open195:40:007.2
23Newport Aquatic CenterOpen215:41:167.2
24Wa'akapaemua CCOpen225:44:287.1
25Waikiki Beach Boys #3Open235:44:417.1
26Namolokama O Hanalei CCOpen245:44:437.1
27Manu O Ke KaiOpen255:45:057.1
28Mooloolaba Outrigger CCMasters 50+15:46:197.1
29Hui Lanakila #2KOA15:47:507.1
30KawaihaeMasters 40+35:48:577.1
31Hui NaluMasters 50+25:49:137.0
32Kailua CC #2Open265:49:247.0
33Kaiola CC #1Open275:49:277.0
34Team AustraliaOpen285:50:587.0
35Kihei Canoe ClubOpen295:52:027.0
36Hana Canoe ClubOpen305:53:017.0
37Team Aihe - New ZealandMasters 40+45:53:147.0
38HawaiianWhite #2Open315:53:377.0
39Hui Lanakila #3Open325:55:056.9
40Anuenue Canoe ClubOpen335:55:136.9
41Tui Tonga CCOpen345:56:146.9
42Kahana CC #1Open355:56:596.9
43Outrigger Canoe ClubKOA25:57:026.9
44Healani #3Open365:57:216.9
45Kailua CcMasters 40+55:59:466.8
46Kai'Opua CC #3Open376:00:166.8
47Kai EluaOpen386:00:276.8
48Hui LanakilaMasters 40+66:00:496.8
49Lanikai CC 3KOA36:01:156.8
50Lae'ula O KaiOpen396:01:496.8
51Kailua CCMasters 50+36:02:386.8
52Namolokama O Hanelei CCMasters 40+76:05:456.7
53California GoldMasters 55+16:05:556.7
54Lanikai CC #4Open406:06:096.7
55Keahiakahoe Canoe ClubMasters 55+26:06:256.7
56HealaniMasters 55+36:06:396.7
57Oceanside Outrigger #1Open416:07:076.7
58Sydney Outrigger CC MakeMasters 40+86:07:326.7
59Kamehameha - HIloOpen426:07:556.7
60Waikiki Beach Boys #1Open436:08:116.7
61Na Kai Ewalu 2Open446:08:246.7
62 Lokahi Canoe Club #1Open456:10:086.6
63Kailua #3Open466:12:586.6
64Kai Opua CC #2Open476:13:056.6
65Tamalpais Outrigger CCMasters 40+96:13:566.6
66San Francisco OutriggerOpen486:14:306.6
67Kukui'ula OutriggerOpen496:16:316.5
68Healani #2Open506:16:336.5
69Namolokama O Hanalei CCMasters 60+16:16:456.5
70Vancouver Island VAAOpen516:18:056.5
71Napili CCOpen526:18:196.5
72Marina Del Ray OutriggerOpen536:19:216.5
73Hui Lanakila #4Open546:19:266.5
74Extream Team ItalyOpen556:20:536.5
75Waikiki Beach Boys #2Open566:21:126.5
76Sydney Outrigger CC Inc.Open576:21:396.4
77Kihei Canoe ClubMasters 50+46:23:086.4
78Na Kai EwaluMasters 40+106:23:406.4
79Pacific NorthwestOpen586:24:396.4
80Kanu Connection GermanyMasters 40+116:26:036.4
81Outrigger CC #2Open596:27:006.4
82Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i CCMasters 40+126:27:016.4
83Kaiola CC #2Open606:27:586.3
84Anueanue CCMasters 60+26:28:596.3
85Waikiki Yacht ClubOpen616:31:086.3
86Waimanalo CCOpen626:32:296.3
87New HopeMasters 40+136:33:496.2
88KeauhouMasters 60+36:35:136.2
89Waikiki Surf ClubOpen636:35:196.2
90Hawaiian CC #3Open646:36:276.2
91Niumalu/Hokualele CCOpen656:36:596.2
92Koa KaiOpen666:37:176.2
93Lokahi Canoe Club #2Open676:37:276.2
94Hui Wa'aMasters 60+46:37:386.2
96Anuenue CC - In MolokaiOpen696:39:066.2
97KiheiMasters 60+56:39:186.2
98Marina Del Ray OutriggerOpen706:39:486.2
99Keola O Ke Kai CCOpen716:40:046.2
100Tamalpais Outrigger CC KOA46:43:006.1
101Chigasaki Outrigger (JapaOpen726:43:076.1
102Kahana CC #2Open736:44:506.1
103New HopeOpen746:47:246.0
104Ka Mamalahoe CC Masters 55+46:48:176.0
105Kamehameha - Black PearlOpen756:48:266.0
106Ka Mamalahoe CCOpen766:49:416.0
107Kai Poha CCOpen776:49:536.0
108Kamehameha CC - OahuOpen786:54:485.9
109Alapa Hoe CCMasters 40+146:55:525.9
110Waikiki Yacht ClubOpen796:58:085.9
111New York OutriggerOpen806:58:515.9
112Kailua CC #5Open817:00:135.9
113Waikiki Beach Boys #4Open827:02:315.8
114Keaukaha CC HiloMasters 50+57:04:595.8
115Honolulu PearlOpen837:06:365.8
116New Hope Masters 55+57:12:595.7
117New HopeOpen847:13:125.7
118Puuwai / Russia CCOpen857:32:155.4
119Pure Light AdaptiveAdaptive17:48:515.2

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