2010 Paddling Dynamics New Years Challenge - Results

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2010 Paddling Dynamics New Years Challenge
Inaugural race on Lake Union, Seattle WA: The conditions turned out to be favorable for most of the crafts (with the exception of the swamped dragonboat...) with temps in the high 40's and winds out of the South in the 20's.
Overall Team/Paddlers Category Cat. Place Time
1Robert MeenkRacing Shell151:06.9
2Eric MollSurf Ski151:56.0
3Will Anderson & Dave AndersonOC-2155:02.0
4Chris DobrovolnySurf Ski256:16.1
5Brad Bauer & Ray TrudgenOC-2256:24.0
6Lance Kahn & Geoff BriggsOC-2357:01.5
7Larry BusslligerSurf Ski357:05.6
8Alan GotoOC-1157:26.4
9Mike Lee & Peter WellsOC-2458:04.7
10Collin Darrah & Antonija VentenbergsDouble Shell158:26.7
11Tinh Vu & Dave MooneyOC-2559:23.0
12Deborah Blake & Than HealyOC-261:00:17.1
13Howard LeeRacing Shell21:00:55.1
14Paul ClementSurf Ski41:01:07.2
15Brady GuinnOC-121:01:07.8
16Doug NicholsOC-131:01:20.1
17SSPO MixedOC-611:02:04.6
18Greg BawdenSurf Ski51:04:57.3
19Ken KroegerOC-141:05.13.63
20Jericho WomenOC-621:05:30.1
21Club SAKEDragonboat11:05:45.1
22Sherri CassutoSurf Ski61:05:47.1
23Frank HarrisonOC-151:06:14.3
24Phil GorsuchOC-161:06:28.2
25Brian PageSurf Ski71:06:51.6
26Marti TraverOC-171:07:08.3
27Boy Chun FookOC-181:07:13.4
28James ClappOC-191:07:32.6
29John FlynnSurf Ski81:08:01.1
30Jim SchulzSurf Ski91:08:09.5
31Craig HoltOC-1101:09:47.4
32Russ WoosleyOC-1111:10:34.6
33Beau WhiteheadSUP11:10:45.1
34Minnie FontenelleOC-1 W11:11:26.4
35Mixed ManiaOC-631:13:52.0
36Lise Glaser & Thomas NielsonOC-271:14:07.4
37Paul VanzwalenburgOC-1121:14:53.6
38Wendy CarterOC-1 W21:14:59.2
39Kristen SchriverOC-1 W31:16:07.6
40Don KieslingPaddleboard11:17:37.0
41Dan EberhardtSUP21:18:54.1
42Evening League of LWRCOctet11:19:24.6
43Melissa SwansonOC-1 W41:19:33.3
44Darrell BednarkPaddleboard21:19:43.8
45Andrew EwingOC-1131:21:05.8
46Thomas TsumotoOC-1141:21:41.3
47Greg GilbertSUP31:24:58.7
48Russell D'CardSUP41:25:05.7
49Jeff UnderwoodSUP51:31:07.5
50Michael MacenkaSUP61:32:52.5
51Patrick AioSUP71:34:39.3
52Isaac DeLongSUP81:37:05.4
53Kevin FitzpatrickSUP91:37:49.5
54Vadim KinKayak11:39:27.3
55Jeffery BabbidgeKayak21:39:35.3
56Bob McDermottSUP101:41:24.6
57Jarrett HarmsSUP111:43:18.8
58John AdamskiSUP121:44:21.5
59Mitchell SantagaSUP131:54:54.65
60Peter Hirtle & Jessica LoweDouble Shell2DNF
61Seattle Flying DragonsDragonboat DNF

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