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Na Wahine O Ke Kai Race
September 26, 2010 - Molokai to Oahu, Hawaii
Team Bradley wins the Na Wahine O Ke Kai championship race for the sixth consecutive year - this time in hot and flat conditions.

Place Team Name Div Div Place Home Time
1Team BradleyOpen Glass1Hi5:54:13
2Waikiki Beach Boys 1Open Glass2Hi5:57:12
3Surfer's ParadiseOpen Glass3Aus6:03:49
4Team RevolusunMasters 40+1Nz-Hi6:04:52
5Hawaiian KanaktionOpen Glass4Hi6:07:22
6Team AustraliaOpen Glass5Aus6:08:57
7Kai OpuaOpen Glass6Hi6:11:35
8OutriggerOpen Glass7Hi6:12:42
9Team Venus Va'aOpen Glass8Tahiti6:13:20
10Aussie Outrigger ChicksMasters 40+2Aus6:13:22
11Newport AquaticsOpen Glass9Ca6:24:11
12NiumaluOpen Glass10Hi6:27:15
13Kailua-YellowOpen Glass11Hi6:28:31
14Lanakila OccOpen Glass12Ca6:30:10
15HealaniOpen Glass13Hi6:34:01
16Hui Nalu GoldOpen Glass14Hi6:34:50
17KeahouOpen Glass15Hi6:35:34
18Kaiola-BlueOpen Glass16Hi6:36:18
19Lae'ula O KaiOpen Glass17Hi6:38:25
20Outrigger - KoaAll Koa1Hi6:38:53
21Kailua 50'sMasters 50+1Hi6:39:34
22Waikiki Beach BoysOpen Glass18Hi6:39:49
23KukuiulaOpen Glass19Hi6:42:36
24Lanikai-2Open Glass20Hi6:44:08
25Marina Del Rey OutriggerOpen Glass21Ca6:45:10
26Oceans 10 / Hawaiian KanaMasters 40+3Hi6:45:30
27Comox StrathconaMasters 40+4Can6:45:45
28Hawaiian CcOpen Glass22Hi6:46:53
29Keahiakahoe RedOpen Glass23Hi6:48:46
30Hawaiian KanaktionMasters 50+2Hi6:49:22
31Lae'ula O Kai YellowMasters 40+5Hi6:51:42
32Kailua-BlueOpen Glass24Hi6:51:46
33KahanaOpen Glass25Hi6:54:00
34PunaMasters 40+6Hi6:55:32
35KeaukahaOpen Glass26Hi6:58:08
36KiheiOpen Glass27Hi6:59:45
37PunaOpen Glass28Hi7:01:11
38KeahouMasters 50+3Hi7:03:23
39Vancouver IslandOpen Glass29Can7:04:20
40Lanikai KoaAll Koa2Hi7:04:39
41KailuaOpen Glass30Hi7:05:24
42Lanikai - 40Masters 40+7Hi7:05:31
43LokahiOpen Glass31Hi7:05:43
44PuuwaiMasters 40+8Hi7:06:00
45Waikiki SurfOpen Glass32Hi7:06:14
46OutriggerOpen Glass33Hi7:08:25
47North ShoreOpen Glass34Hi7:09:01
48Hui Nalu O HawaiiMasters 40+9Hi7:09:22
49Koa KaiOpen Glass35Hi7:13:08
50LokahiOpen Glass36Hi7:15:10
51Imua CaliforniaOpen Glass37Ca7:15:50
52Team HaaheoOpen Glass38Ca7:16:03
53Kamehameha HiloOpen Glass39Hi7:16:12
54Kaiola-GoldOpen Glass40Hi7:16:55
55Hui Lanikila - 1Open Glass41Hi7:17:07
56Pupu O HawaiiMasters 50+4Ca7:17:15
57KiheiMasters 50+5Hi7:17:21
58Kukui'ulaMasters 40+10Hi7:20:42
59Keahiakahoe 96744Open Glass42Hi7:20:57
60Keahiakahoe-BlackOpen Glass43Hi7:22:26
61Marina Del Rey OutriggerOpen Glass44Ca7:24:31
62Hawaiian CcMasters 50+6Hi7:26:06
63Waikiki YachtOpen Glass45Hi7:26:07
64Lae'ula O Kai GreenOpen Glass46Hi7:26:41
65New HopeOpen Glass47Hi7:26:56
66Kailua Novice BOpen Glass48Hi7:27:34
67Lanikai - GreenMasters 40+11Hi7:27:50
68AnuenueOpen Glass49Hi7:29:26
69Kona AthleticsOpen Glass50Hi7:31:35
70WaileaOpen Glass51Hi7:31:48
71New Hope-50Masters 50+7Hi7:33:30
72Waikiki Beach Boys 3Open Glass52Hi7:34:35
73Hawaiian OutriggerOpen Glass53Hi7:35:58
74Hawaiian CcOpen Glass54Hi7:37:23
75Ka MamalahoeMasters 50+8Hi7:38:11
76Honolulu PearlOpen Glass55Hi7:38:28
77Waikiki Yacht-50Masters 50+9Hi7:39:38
78Hui NaluOpen Glass56Hi7:39:54
79Waimanalo 2Open Glass57Hi7:44:04
80Ka MamalahoeOpen Glass58Hi7:46:35
81Waimanalo 1Open Glass59Hi7:48:05
82Keahiakahoe-50Masters 50+10Hi7:55:39

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