1Vancouver - Canadian Championships 2010 - OC6 Race Results

Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
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Vancouver, BC - Canadian Championships
OC6 Race Results - August 13, 2011
Hosted at Jericho, with the help of VOS, FCRCC and Lotus

The race around Passage Island was a challenge, with winds and tides and even a bit of swimming for some paddlers. Great work by everyone! ~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results

SHORT COURSE (approx. 10 km.)
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
2Pacific Reach Kai Ka LaMixed Novice157:18
3Pacific Reach Mixed Open157:19
4VOS 1Unlimited11:03:26
5FCRCC Ke Kuma O KeKaiMixed Novice21:04:05
6VOS 2Unlimited21:05:10
7Lotus 1Junior21:05:47
8FCRCC 6-0 Kai HuhanoMixed Open21:09:20
9Lotus 2Junior31:13:50
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC 1 - G02Open12:04:29
2Jericho 1 - G01Open22:08:37
3VOS 1Unlimited12:10:22
4ORPC 1 - KauhuhuOpen32:11:49
6ORPC 2 - KaneOpen52:17:13
8NCKC Just 4 KicksSr Masters12:20:44
9Autumn RoseOpen72:21:24
10Kona LiliesSr Masters22:22:20
11Lady Esther - GeronimoOpen82:25:24 (huli)
12FCRCC E HolomuaOpen92:28:59
14Island WaterOpen102:30:03
15Pacific Reach Open112:30:18
16ORPC 3 - 225Open122:38:51 (huli)
17Wailea KamloopsUnofficial (male steer)12:53:01
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC SprintOpen11:53:06
2GeronimoOpen21:54:30 (huli)
3FCRCC 1Open31:54:36
4Jericho 2Open41:55:23
5Kai I Kai KaOpen51:56:38
6Island BravesOpen61:56:39
9FCRCC 2Open82:02:40
10ORPC 1Open92:05:28
11Kikaha SilversSnr Masters12:07:17
12VOS 1Open102:08:17
13Jericho 1Open112:09:34
14Pacific Reach Open122:12:53
15Delta BC BladesMasters22:15:15
16Autumn RoseOpen132:15:19
17FCRCC E HolomuaOpen142:19:19
18FCRCC 3Open152:26:16
19PRCC SkahaGolden Masters12:35:29
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
2Pacific Reach Masters12:27:10
3ORPC WHOMPOpen22:35:16
4North VanOpen32:36:07

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