2011 Canadians Smallboats Race

Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
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Canadians Smallboats Race - August 14 2011
Hosted by Jericho
~ Saturday OC6 Results ~
Parent/Keiki OC2 Long Course
Overall Paddler(s)
1Mike and Mike Billy
2Alex and Ed Sernoski
3Jayda and Mike Berneman
4Mike and Jeff McPhail
Parent/Keiki OC2 Short Course
Overall Paddler(s)
1Kenzie and Stu McMaster
2Gavin and Cam Fagrie
3Ethan and Pauline Ethan Fagrie
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Stu McMaster / Phil GorsuchOC2 Open152:14:00
2Shaun Koos / Skip JohnsonOC2 Snr Master152:38:00
3Darryl Louie / Reza SoltaniOC2 Open252:55:00
4Don IrvineOC1 Masters155:06:00
5Ashley (Joey) JamesOC1 Open155:14:00
6Rob MagusOC1 Open255:35:00
7Ron Dickinson / Bruce GarnesOC2 Snr Master255:39:00
8Calvin (Pake Nui) ChowOC1 Masters256:11:00
9Brian BoatmanOC1 Snr Master156:27:00
10Bob StewartOC1 Kupuna157:14:00
11Niki Pearson / Graham GalvesOC2 Mixed Open157:26:00
12Jamie Anfossi / Brian OikawaOC2 Master157:53:00
13Mike BernemanOC1 Masters358:05:00
14Christina Malmqvist / John MalmqvistOC2 Mixed Open258:23:00
15Jeff FinkOC1 Masters458:42:00
16Trisha Ritchie / Carolyn ChenardOC2 Open Women158:46:00
17Cam FagrieOC1 Snr Master258:50:00
18Rupert WongOC1 Masters559:21:00
19Grace Morrisette / Jane YeohOC2 Open Women259:40:00
20John RobertsOC1 Kupuna21:00:00
21Rob MontieroOC1 Open31:00:52
23Doug ThomasOC1 Masters61:00:56
24Wendy Clark / Darryl GeisheimerOC2 Mixed Snr Master11:01:10
25Chris AndersonV1 Open11:01:50
24Shannon Bell ParsonsOC1 Open Women11:02:03
26Jacki BellOC1 Women Snr Masters11:04:26
27Fraser StepanickOC1 Masters71:05:09
28Sarah KilbyOC1 Womens Masters11:05:24
29Bill ChambersOC1 Snr Master31:05:45
30Lyse FortinOC1 Womens Masters21:06:11
31Dayton SkeiOC1 Open41:07:05
32Annie BouldingOC1 Women Snr Masters21:08:51
33Elaine RobertOC1 Women Snr Masters31:10:38

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