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2012 March Madness Race Results
95 crews, 10 races, some bumps at turns, close finishes and only 1 huli! A good day at the races, sprinting around the 5 km. course...
Overall WOMEN Team Time Div. Place
1FCRCC Sprint 1(O)22:121st Open
2FCRCC Masters Sprint (O)22:572nd Open
3FCRCC Distance Kauai (O)23:273rd Open
4Vancouver Ocean Sports 1 (O)23:39 
5FCRCC Distance Molokini (O)23:40 
6FCRCC Distance Lanai (O)24:18:00 
7Calgary (O)24:35:00 
8FCRCC Sprint 2 (O)25:01:00 
9Loko Wahine Sudden Impact (O)25:15:00 
10Vancouver Ocean Sports 2 (O)25:33:00 
11Jericho (O)25:39:00 
12Pacific Reach (O)26:28:00 
13FLCC -BAMF OC (N)26:31:001st Novice 
14FCRCC E Holomua 2 (O)26:44:00 
15FLCC Fast & Furious 5 (SM)26:57:001st Sr Masters 
16FLCC Elle Divas (O)26:58:00 
17VCKC (O)27:02:00 
18FLCC Fast & Furious 1 (O)27:38:00 
19C-C-C-C-C Combo Breaker (O)27:43:00 
20FCRCC Huligans 1 (GM)27:50:001st Gldn Masters 
21Dragon Zone (N)27:51:002nd Novice 
22FCRCC Kupuna Wahine (GM)28:24:002nd Gldn Masters 
23Fruit Loops (O)28:25:00 
24NPC Premier (O)28:42:00(2 min penalty) 
25FLCC Catalina (SM)28:46:002nd Sr Masters 
26Ares Mastodon (N)29:02:003rd Novice 
27FCRCC Huligans 2 (GM)29:30:003rd Gldn Masters 
28FLCC Fast & Furious 2 (SM)29:39:003rd Sr Masters 
29FLCC Fast & Furious 4 (SM)29:46:00 
30FLCC Fast & Furious 3 (SM)30:10:00 
Overall MEN Team Time Div. Place
1Starbucks Waverunners Espresso (N)21:281st Novice 
2Vancouver Ocean Sports 1 (O)21:39:001st Open 
3Pacific Reach (O)22:13:002nd Open 
4All Curls No Girls (O)22:40:003rd Open 
5FCRCC E Holomua 1 (O)23:00:00 
6VCKC ( O)23:04:00 
7Starbucks Waverunners Mocha (N)23:192nd Novice 
8FLCC Catalina Maters (O)23:26:00 
9Vancouver Ocean Sports 2 (O)23:32 
10Lotus Juniors (J)23:33:001st Junior Men 
11FLCC Early Risers (SM)23:391st Sr Masters 
12Dragon Heart Beats (O)0:06 
13Van City Thunder (N)24:22:003rd Novice 
14Forever Alone In The Lead (O)24:23:00 
15Frosted Flakes (O)24:34:00 
16FCRCC Kupuna Kane (SM)25:08:002nd Sr Masters 
17Sudden Impact (O)25:32:00(3 min penalty) 
18FLCC Night Riders Masters (O)26:09:00(huli) 
19FCRCC Huligans (SM)26:26:003rd Sr Masters 
20Ares Pterodactyl (N)*27:09:00 
Overall MIXED Team Time Div. Place
1FCRCC Berger & Fries (O)20:281st Open 
2Vancouver Ocean Sports 1 (O)22:042nd Open 
3Pacific Reach Masters (M)23:09:001st Masters 
4Vancouver Ocean Sports 3 (O)23:15:003rd Open 
5Sudden Impact (O)23:16 
6No Pain No Cake (O)23:24:00 
7Delta 1 (M)23:292nd Masters 
8Lotus Mixed Senior Masters (M)23:37:003rd Masters 
9Y U No Hut Ho (O)23:41:00 
10Vancouver Ocean Sports 2 (O)23:50 
11Vancouver Ocean Sports 4 (O)23:52 
12VCKC Rum Runners (M)23:59:00 
13FLCC Night Riders (M)24:13:00 
14FCRCC E Holomua 3 (O)24:21:00 
15Pacific Reach (O)24:22:00 
16VCKC Pants Optional (O)24:32:00 
17THE BIG OARS (O)24:33:00 
18Starbucks Waverunners Latte (N)24:36:00 
19Ares Tyrannosaurus (O)24:41:00 
20Lotus Mixed (O)24:42:00 
21Sudden Impact Cultus Lakers (N)24:46:001st Novice 
22FCRCC E Holomua 4 (O)24:49:00 
23Captain Crunch (O)25:14:00 
24Table Flipping Guy Magnm XXL (O)25:31:00 
25FLCC Catalina (O)25:44:00 
26FLCC Catalina Senior Masters (M)25:45:00 
27Starbucks Waverunners Cappuccino (N)25:46:002nd Novice 
28Starbucks Waverunners Frappuccino (N)25:48:003rd Novice 
29Starbucks Waverunners Macchiato (N)25:50:00 
30Fluid Motion A (N)25:51:00 
31Power 151 (N)25:53:00 
32FCRCC Kupuna Green (GM)26:18:001st Gldn Masters 
33Dragon Zone 1 (N)26:19:00 
34Ares Saber Toothed Tiger (N)26:23:00 
35Delta 2 (N)26:48:00 
36Dragon Zone 2 (N)26:50:00 
37FCRCC Kupuna Red (GM)26:51:002nd Gldn Masters 
38Raging Rebels (J)27:22:001st Junior Mixed 
39Lucky Charms (O)27:27:00 
40Super Stroking Dragonflies (J)27:34:002nd Junior Mixed 
41Power 150 (N)28:09:00 
42Fluid Motion B (N)28:43:00 
43FCRCC Huligans 1 (GM)28:43:003rd Gldn Masters 
44Ares Triceratops (N)28:58:00 
45FCRCC Huligans 2 (GM)29:00:00 

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