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Jericho Iron Classic - May 26 2012
What a great day to celebrate the 20th annual running of the Jericho Iron Classic. It was a sunny day - a rarity this spring. Paddlers headed west past the red bell can, round a marker about 2 miles south west and any route they chose to get to the finish line. A few of the men's/mixed crews brought it in a little too far south, requiring a more more push off the land instead of push in the water! We wrapped up the day by sharing the best decorated cake in ourtigger history! (Thanks Estelle :) ~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~
20th Anniversary Minions
OverallShort Course (about 8 km.)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Pacific ReachMixed143:58:00
4FCRCC VanCityMixed449:09:00
5FCRCC HuligansSenior Masters151:43:00
6FCRCC RDMixed554:03:00
OverallWomen's Iron (15 km.)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC Sprint 1Open11:13:31
2FCRCC Distance 1Open21:13:44
3Comox 1Open31:17:24
4VOS 1Open (Unlimited)11:17:54
6Gorge OutriggerOpen51:20:53
7Sail Sand PointOpen61:21:12
8Jericho 1Open71:21:13
9Nanaimo Just 4 KicksSenior Masters11:22:32
10FCRCC Sprint 2Open81:22:44
11Mountain HomeOpen91:23:20
12FCRCC Distance 2Open101:23:23
14Pacific ReachOpen121:26:45
15FCRCC Distance 3Open131:27:42
16VOS 2Open141:30:52
OverallMen's Iron (15 km.)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1MeatheadsSenior Masters11:04:26
2FCRCC 1Open11:05:21
3FCRCC 2Open21:06:48
4VOS 1Open (Unlimited)31:08:12
5Mountain HomeOpen41:10:23
8Pacific ReachOpen71:14:18
10FCRCC 3Open91:15:43
11FCRCC 4Open101:16:36
12Gorge OutriggerSenior Masters21:16:59
13VOS 2Open111:18:36
14Lotus Juniors121:25:21
OverallMixed Iron (15 km.)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
2FCRCC E Holomua 1Open21:19:52
3FLCC Night RidersMasters11:22:51
4Lotus Silver Bull-itSenior Masters11:26:14
5Pacific ReachOpen31:29:27
6FCRCC E Holomua 2Open41:31:05
7ORPC Black HeartsOpen51:33:30

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