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2012 Island Iron - June 9/10
The 2012 Island Iron (hosted by the Ocean River Paddling Club) was just that sort of day.... With winds gusting up to 25 knots, the race course was shortened and pfd's were worn. Good thing too, as with all the headwind and cross winds - there were 4 huli's in the race. All divisions were represented with 1 womens' crew, 2 mens' crews and a mixed crew, all going for a quick swim before finishing the race! ~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~

Island Iron Huli
Ron Chin Photo

Overall Club/Team Name Division Div.
1FCRCC 1Womens Open11:16:06
2Comox 1Womens Open21:23:28
3GRPC (Open)Womens Open31:24:32
4FCRCC 2Womens Open41:26:26
5VOSWomens Open51:26:32
6FCRCC SprintWomens Open61:27:50
7ORPC IWomens Open71:28:03
8Comox 2Womens Masters11:33:50
9FCRCC 3Womens Open81:35:00
10NCKC Just for KicksWomens Senior Masters11:37:20
11GRPC (SM)Womens Senior Masters21:38:40
12Pacific ReachWomens Open91:39:57

Overall Club/Team Name Division Div.
1FCRCC1Mens Open11:06:25
2FCRCC2Mens Open21:06:55
3Comox 1Mens Open31:12:00
4GRPCMens Open41:13:37
5VOS1Mens Open51:15:43
6ORPC IMens Open61:18:27
7Gorge IIMens Senior Masters11:19:13
8Comox 2Mens Open71:19:53
9Pacific ReachMens Open81:20:06
10Pacific ReachMixed Masters11:24:14
11FCRCC 3Mens Open91:29:00
12El Holomua IMixed Open11:29:21
13Pants OptionalMixed Open21:34:59
14FCRCC 4Mens Open101:36:20
15OC AdventurersMens Senior Masters21:38:57
16VOS 2Mens Open DNF
17Flying MonkeysMixed Open DNF

Sunday Smallboat Races
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Shane MartinMens Surfski Open11:02:07
2Christine Pogue/Ryan PogueMixed OC2 Open11:04:36
3Mike Bernemann/Marlies ErnstMixed OC2 Masters11:05:22
4James HillMens OC1 Open11:08:14
5Ron WilliamsMens OC1 Masters11:09:00
6Rob VarnelMens OC1 Senior Masters11:11:00
7Steve PalmierMens OC1 Senior Masters21:11:42
8Ben Smillie/Naoko KokubunMixed OC2 Open21:11:47
9Melanie ConardWomans OC1 Open11:12:05
10Nikki Pearson/Selena SooWomens OC2 Open11:12:12
11Rupert WongMens OC1 Masters21:13:47
12Linda WarrenWomens Surfski Masters11:14:35
13Roman MaeieschynMens OC1 Senior Masters31:15:07
14Anne Hales/Richard CoulthardMixed OC2 Masters21:15:44
15Doug ThomasMens OC1 Masters31:17:56
16Heather TaylorWomans OC1 Senior Masters11:19:40
17Michele GengeWomans OC1 Masters11:19:46
18Darryl DraperMens OC1 Masters41:20:09
19Lyse FortinWomans OC1 Masters21:21:58
20Fraser StepanickMens OC1 Masters51:27:53
21Carol PalWomans OC1 Senior Masters21:30:12

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