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Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2012 Sunday, Sept. 24/2012 Results
Large waves in Haleolono Harbor Sunday morning swamped 10 canoes.One boat was damaged by the waves, but the others made it to the start line. Despite finishing with the slowest winning time in more than a decade, Team Bradley overcame rough waves, a strong current and sloppy ocean conditions en route to a victory Sunday at the 34th annual Na Wahine O Ke Kai.
PlaceNo.Team NameDivisionOriginTime
169Team BradleyOpen GlassMaui6:14:47
241Waikiki Beach Boys- IOpen GlassOahu6:17:13
32Hui Nalu-YellowOpen GlassOahu6:29:14
420Hui Nalu-40'sMasters 40+Oahu6:35:25
565Kai OpuaOpen GlassBig Island6:37:18
672KawaihaeOpen GlassBig Island6:45:31
768Hawaiian CcOpen GlassMaui6:47:31
86Team Aussie AuntiesMasters 50+Australia6:54:39
91HealaniOpen GlassOahu6:54:48
1050Team Ocean TenOpen GlassCalifornia6:55:44
1143Waikiki Beach Boys- IiOpen GlassOahu6:57:43
1240Lanikai-WhiteOpen GlassOahu6:58:15
1310Northern BeachesOpen GlassAustralia6:58:41
1473Wa'akapaemuaOpen GlassMolokai7:02:46
1563Hanalei CcOpen GlassKauai7:03:24
1621Kalihi KaiOpen GlassOahu7:04:44
1718OutriggerOpen GlassOahu7:06:44
1827Hui Lanakila- YellowOpen GlassOahu7:08:03
1957Hong Kong PhoenixOpen GlassHong Kong7:09:30
2042Off Shore- MastersMasters 40+California7:10:03
2146Waikiki Beach Boys- IIIOpen GlassOahu7:10:05
2262Lae Ula O KaiOpen GlassMaui7:11:20
237Team JapanOpen GlassJapan7:12:06
243Kailua-50'sMasters 50+Oahu7:12:26
258Outrigger-50'sMasters 50+Oahu7:13:20
2633Kailua- 40'sMasters 40+Oahu7:14:09
2722Hui Nalu - GoldOpen GlassOahu7:14:15
285Leeward KaiOpen GlassOahu7:15:38
2934Waikiki Yacht Club- 1Open GlassOahu7:16:20
3054Niumalu CcOpen GlassKauai7:17:58
3123Kailua- 1Open GlassOahu7:19:00
3217Hanohano CcOpen GlassCalifornia7:20:16
339Waikiki Surf Club-RedOpen GlassOahu7:23:58
3452KeauhouMasters 50+Big Island7:24:25
3524Lanikai-2Open GlassOahu7:27:05
3664NamolokamaOpen GlassKauai7:28:00
3761Kukui'ulaMasters 50+Big Island7:28:19
3870Dana Point OutriggerOpen GlassCalifornia7:29:28
3912Hui Nalu-BlackOpen GlassOahu7:29:56
4026Hui Lanakila- RedOpen GlassOahu7:32:02
4160Na Kai E'waluOpen GlassMaui7:33:41
4230Kailua- 2Open GlassOahu7:34:52
4345Waikiki Beach Boys- IvOpen GlassOahu7:35:15
444Lanikai -3Open GlassOahu7:37:44
4567Kamehameha CcOpen GlassBig Island7:39:06
4637LokahiMasters 40+Oahu7:40:55
4736North ShoreOpen GlassOahu7:42:05
4816Honolulu PearlOpen GlassOahu7:43:29
4939Manu O Ke KaiOpen GlassOahu7:44:20
5058Lae Ula O KaiMasters 40+Maui7:45:18
5111Outrigger Santa CruzMasters 40+California7:46:06
5244Lanikai- GreenOpen GlassOahu7:46:49
5353KeauhouOpen GlassBig Island7:47:03
5447KaneoheOpen GlassOahu7:54:01
5559Makuahine O PuuwaiMasters 50+Kaui7:59:29
5649Newport Aquatic CenterOpen GlassCalifornia8:02:19
5771Wahine KaikahiOpen GlassOahu8:03:56
5866Hawaiian CcOpen GlassMaui8:09:08
5929Alapa HoeOpen GlassOahu8:10:00
6032Waikiki Yacht Club- 2Masters 50+Oahu8:12:47
6135Olelo O KeolaOpen GlassOahu8:13:11
6215New Hope-50'sMasters 50+Oahu8:13:53
6355Kai 'EhituOpen GlassBig Island8:14:13
6451Waikiki Yacht Club -3Open GlassOahu8:14:17
6514Team PuakeaKOAOahu8:16:45
6625New HopeOpen GlassOahu8:16:47
6719Waikiki Surf Club-YellowOpen GlassOahu8:25:01
6838Ka MamalahoeMasters 50+Oahu8:32:43
6928Alapa Hoe -40'sMasters 40+Oahu8:39:31
7031Kailua - 3 OahuDNF
7156Kai Opua Big IslandDNF

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