JOCC - PNWORCA Winter Series 2012 - Race 2
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PNWORCA Winter Series 2012

Race hosted by: Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
RACE 2 - Jericho/Vancouer BC, January 28, 2012
It looked like it was going to be a true winter classic in Vancouver today. As we were heading to the race site, there were snowflakes in the air and a cold wind coming from the north. In spite of that, 40 canoes were on the water at the start line! We changed the course to accommodate the wind and tide heading east towards False Creek, over to English Bay, up past Jericho to the first dolphin and then back to the Jericho pier. This made the race a bit longer than was planned (and depending on the line the paddlers took even longer!) but there were no serious complaints. The post race soup, bagels and coffee were inhaled as were the cinnamon bun prizes. Thanks to everyone who raced and the volunteers and supporters who helped make it happen.

Place Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Shane MartinSurfski Men's Open11:04:24
2Michael Lee/Pete WellsOC2 Men's Kapuna11:06:54
3Laci Bujdos/SP SmithOC2 Mixed Masters11:08:19
4Lance Kahn/Doug MiyataOC2 Men's Senior Masters11:09:10
5Tyson Bull/Don MulhallOC2 Men's Masters11:09:17
6Chris DobrovolnySurfski Men's Masters11:09:44
7Ryan & Christine PogueOC2 Mixed Open11:09:47
8Mike Bernemann/Marlies ErnstOC2 Mixed Open21:10:01
9Scott WanlessSurfski Men's Senior Masters11:10:39
10Hugh FisherOC1 Men's Golden Masters11:12:18
11Joey (Ash) JamesOC1 Men's Open11:12:20
12Rob MagusOC1 Men's Open21:13:07
13Alan LippOC1 Men's Senior Masters11:13:14
14Eric GertslOC1 Men's Masters11:14:44
15Bob StewartOC1 Men's Kapuna11:14:52
16Joost ZeegersOC1 Men's Open31:14:56
17Graham Galves/Tricia RitchieOC2 Mixed Masters21:15:32
18Vance HashimotoV-1 Men's Open11:15:50
19Brian BoatmanOC1 Men's Golden Masters21:16:05
20Brad MorrisonOC1 Men's Senior Masters21:16:11
21Scott SchroederOC1 Men's Masters21:17:23
22Ken KroegerOC1 Men's Open41:17:59
23Jasen KayaV-1 Men's Open21:18:46
24Linda WarrenSurfski Women's Masters11:19:15
25Dennis HollingsheadOC1 Men's Masters31:19:36
26Lori VelisekOC1 Women's Masters11:19:37
27Roger LambSurfski Men's Kapuna11:20:51
28Peter ForandOC1 Men's Kapuna21:21:20
29Barb Schleiger/Debbee StraubOC2 Women's Masters11:22:40
30Gabe SomjenOC1 Men's Kapuna31:23:08
31Craig HoltOC1 Men's Kapuna41:23:45
32Tim JollimoreOC1 Men's Masters41:25:14
33Ryan StringfellowOC1 Men's Senior Masters31:26:09
34Rolph JeffersonOC1 Men's Senior Masters41:28:09
35Nikki PearsonOC1 Women's Open11:33:21
36Jackie NaganoOC1 Women's Open21:34:20
37Tanja ReinersOC1 Women's Masters21:40:36
38Laurie AardalOC1 Women's Senior Masters11:40:37
39Lise GlaserOC1 Women's Masters31:41:35

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