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Jericho Iron Classic Small Boats - May 27, 2012
Two days of sunshine was too much to ask this year but at least we didn't get rained on! With an easterly wind, the course was set for down towards the creek, around the red and green cans, west out to the first dolphin and back to the pier. Thanks everyone - for racing into and with the wind, and to the volunteers that make it happen.
~ Saturday's OC6 Race Results ~
OverallPaddler(s)DivisonDiv. PlaceTime
468Jonas HudsonMen's Surfski Open11:03:13
155Warren BruceMen's Surfski Senior Masters11:05:18
463Dennis BelkinMen's Surfski Open21:06:24
323Laci BujoiMen's OC1 Open11:07:21
417Chris DobrovolnyMen's Surfski Masters11:08:03
435Scott WanlessMen's Surfski Senior Masters21:08:05
404Pake NuiMen's OC1 Masters11:09:21
405Rob MagusMen's OC1 Open21:10:13
461Chris Cantwell/Jim MartinWomen's OC1 Senior Masters11:10:40
436Ryan PogueMen's OC1 Open31:11:39
244Bob StewartMen's OC1 Kupuna11:11:42
 Bob Putnam/Seth PutnamMen's Double Surfski11:12:29
467Steve PalmierMen's OC1 Senior Masters11:12:46
466Ron DownsMen's OC1 Masters21:12:51
464Norman TanMen's OC1 Open41:14:09
465Cam FagrieMen's OC1 Senior Masters21:14:57
437Brad MorrisonMen's OC1 Senior Masters31:15:08
237J.D. LongMen's OC1 Open51:15:25
412Kim DolazarMen's OC1 Senior Masters41:15:25
245Dan TailleferMen's OC1 Masters31:15:57
247Phil GorsuchMen's OC1 Open61:16:33
71Curtis BrockMen's Surfski Masters21:16:38
195Lori VelisekWomen's OC1 Masters11:16:42
431Christine PogueWomen's OC1 Open11:17:08
462Bruce JohnsonMen's OC1 Masters41:18:02
182Rupert WongMen's OC1 Masters51:18:05
218Shannon BellWomen's OC1 Open21:18:33
432Doug MancellMen's OC1 Senior Masters51:19:34
173Steve ButcherMen's OC1 Senior Masters61:20:14
151Doug ThomasMen's OC1 Masters61:21:13
233Gabe SomjenMen's OC1 Kupuna21:21:49
211Jackie BellWomen's OC1 Senior Masters21:22:05
186Heather TaylorWomen's OC1 Senior Masters31:23:59
214Lyse FortinWomen's OC1 Masters21:24:02
36Darryl DraperMen's OC1 Masters71:25:25
 Michael JordanMen's OC1 Kupuna31:26:21
432Marlies ErnstWomen's OC1 Open31:26:27
429Tricia RitchieWomen's OC1 Masters31:27:58
469Esperanza SmithWomen's OC1 Masters41:28:58
406Nikki PearsonWomen's OC1 Open41:32:34
460Bruce HiebertMen's OC1 Masters81:34:48
226Willene WongWomen's OC1 Masters51:36:40
241Maleska YoungWomen's OC1 Open DNF

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