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2014 March Madness Race Results
Hosted by FCRCC
91 crews, 10 races, only the occasional bump at the turns, close finishes and only one huli (at the dock)! A terrible day for weather (cold, windy and wet) but a good day at the races, sprinting around the 5 km. course...
Team Heat Division Div. Place Time
1One West VeteransRace 1Open121:03
2One West Brian, Beard, Bor, BongRace 1Open221:30
3Jericho MenRace 1Open322:08
4One West HybridsRace 1Open422:28
5Pacific ReachRace 1Open522:38
6VOSRace 1Open622:52
7LotusRace 3Junior Men123:12
8SIPC HuligansRace 1Open723:17
9FCRCC Kupupna KaneRace 3Kupuna123:32
10E HolomuaRace 1Open823:46
11Harrison Crusaders 2Race 1Open924:22:00
12DZ Yeah Buoy!Race 5Open Novice124:35:00
13SW AdventureRace 3Open1024:45:00
14DZ Water You Doing?Race 3Junior Novice124:53:00
15FLCC Early RisersRace 3Senior Masters125:12:00
16Dragon Hearts Beat on, Beat OffRace 1Open1125:24:00
17FVDBC Harrison BoysRace 5Open Novice225:24:00
18FCRCC Sprint MenRace 5Open Novice325:28:00
19FLCC Catalina 1Race 3Senior Masters225:45:00
20FCRCC HULIgansRace 3Golden Masters125:58:00
21SFPC LannistersRace 5Open Novice427:08:00
22FCRCC RDRace 3Senior Masters327:22:00
23DZ Squirtle SquadRace 3Junior Novice227:25:00
24ShakabukuRace 5Open Novice528:29:00
Team Heat Division Div. Place Time
1FCRCC Malaki WahinesRace 2Open123:41
2FCRCC Women Distance BRace 2Open223:52
3FCRCC Women Distance ARace 2Open325:00:00
4One West No Hollaback GirlsRace 2Open425:13:00
5FCRCC Sprint Women 1Race 2Open526:14:00
6FCRCC Sprint Women 2Race 2Open626:29:00
7Ohana Spirit Team AuntiesRace 4Senior Masters126:44:00
8Pacific ReachRace 4Masters127:00:00
9FCRCC Women Distance CRace 2Open727:07:00
10FLCC Holo NuiRace 4Senior Masters227:29:00
11VOS WomenRace 2Open827:39:00
12Ohana Spirit Team SistersRace 4Senior Masters328:29:00
13FLCC Fast and Furious 3Race 4Senior Masters428:37:00
14Sbux Waverunners PP GirlsRace 2Open928:39:00
15LotusRace 4Masters228:59:00
16FCRCC HULIgansRace 6Golden Masters129:29:00
17FLCC Fast and Furious 1Race 4Senior Masters529:31:00
18Delta OutriggerRace 5Open Novice129:37:00
19FLCC Titanium 2Race 6Golden Masters229:38:00
20SFPC TargaryanRace 5Open Novice230:11:00
21FLCC Titanium 3Race 6Golden Masters330:27:00
22VOS Jim's JemsRace 5Masters Novice130:32:00
23FCRCC Kupuna WahineRace 6Kupuna130:33:00
24FLCC Fast and Furious 2Race 4Senior Masters630:34:00
25FCRCC RDRace 4Senior Masters730:57:00
26FLCC Titanium 1Race 6Golden Masters431:00:00
27FVDBC Girls of HarrisonRace 5Masters Novice231:27:00
Team Heat Division Div. Place Time
13 Guys 3 Girls and a BoatRace 9Open121:48
2FLCC Holo Nui MixedRace 10Senior Master123:08
3One West Mixed JaguarsRace 9Open223:22:00
4E Holomua 1Race 9Open323:30
5Pacific Reach SurgersRace 6Masters124:21:00
6SIPC 1Race 6Masters224:48:00
7VOS 2Race 8Open424:52:00
8LotusRace 7Novice Open124:57:00
9E Holomua 2Race 8Open525:02:00
10FVDBC Harrison River RatsRace 7Novice Open225:12:00
11Lotus Mixed ARace 10Open625:45:00
12SFPC SharksRace 7Novice Open325:48:00
13VOS 1Race 9Open725:49:00
14FCRCC Kupuna GreenRace 10Kupuna125:52:00
15SW Thing OneRace 9Open826:02:00
16One West Lightly MixedRace 9Open926:04:00
17DZ Sea What We Did There?Race 9Novice Junior126:17:00
18SFPC BaratheonRace 7Novice Open426:21:00
19Pacific Reach GlidersRace 8Open1926:22:00
20Lotus Mixed GoldRace 9Open1126:22:00
21DZ Your Pace or Mine?Race 6Novice Open526:24:00
22FCRCC RD Mixed BRace 10Senior Master226:26:00
23FCRCC Kupuna RedRace 10Kupuna226:28:00
24Creekside Masters 2Race 10Senior Master326:32:00
25Firstar Creekside MastersRace 10Senior Master427:10:00
26FLCC Catalina 2Race 10Senior Master527:14:00
27FLCC Night RidersRace 6Masters327:16:00
28FCRCC HULIgans Mixed RedRace 8Golden Masters127:30:00
29SW Thing TwoRace 8Open1227:40:00
30Shakabuku MixedRace 7Novice Open128:10:00
31FVDBC Goons with SpoonsRace 7Novice Open228:13:00
32Harrison Crusaders 1Race 7Novice Open328:24:00
33Dragon Hearts Beat UpRace 8Open1328:29:00
34FCRCC HULIgans Mixed BlackRace 10Golden Master228:50:00
35Fluid Motion 1Race 8Open1428:57:00
36Fluid Motion 2Race 8Open1529:00:00
37Dragon Hearts Beat DownRace 9Open1629:30:00
38FVDBC Harrison Mixed NutsRace 7Novice Open629:42:00
39FVDBC MAVBOTSRace 7Novice Open729:53:00
40FCRCC RD Mixed ARace 8Senior Masters630:12:00

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