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Jericho Iron Classic - May 24 2014
Start of the Men's/Mixed Race
Start of the Men's Mixed race ~ photo courtesy of Roger Pimenta
~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~
SHORT COURSE (approx. 8km.)
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1PentictonJunior Mixed141:51
2LotusNovice Men142:33
3FCRCCKupuna Men144:10
5ShakabukaNovice Men248:45
6DeltaNovice Women148:59
7FCRCC HULIgansOpen Mixed151:07
8FCRCCNovice Mixed152:04
9FCRCC RDOpen Mixed252:16
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Gorge OutriggerOpen11:23:30
2FCRCC 1Open21:24:20
4FCRCC 3Open31:28:36
5Ocean River 1Open41:28:58
6FCRCC 2Open51:29:53
7Jericho Masters21:30:45
8Sail Sand PointOpen61:32:55
9Ocean River 2Open71:35:02
10Gorge Outrigger 2Senior Master11:36:07
11Nanaimo Canoe & KayakSenior Master21:37:37
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC 1Men's Open11:11:49
2Gorge 1Men's Open21:13:28
3Jericho 1Men's Masters11:16:21
4Sail Sand PointMen's Masters21:16:48
5Pacific ReachMen's Masters31:17:15
6FCRCC 2Men's Open31:18:09
7Jericho 2Men's Open41:19:37
8Gorge 2Men's Senior Master11:20:12
9Lotus Mixed Open11:21:00
10Ocean River 1Men's Open51:21:08
11FCRCC 3Unlimited11:21:33
12FCRCCMixed Open21:22:20
13Vancouver Ocean SportsMixed Open31:24:04
14Nanaimo Canoe & KayakMen's Senior Master21:24:43
15FLCC Holo Nui 1Mixed Senior Master11:24:44
16Pacific ReachMixed Open41:25:52
17FLCC Early RisersMen's Golden Masters11:26:55
18Lotus Men's Open61:27:46
19Gorge OutriggerMixed Open51:28:32
20FLCC Holo Nui 2Mixed Masters11:32:13
21FLCC Night RidersMixed Masters21:34:10

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