JOCC - Wake Up The Gorge 2014 - Race Results
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Wake Up The Gorge 2014 - Race Results

Race hosted by: Victoria Canoe and Kayak

Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Total Time Rank
Junior Division
VYPC Great Marquis05:52.2806:02.1011:54.381
VYPC Whatever06:17.1505:53.8012:10.952
Women's Division
ORPC Kittens06:01.6805:53.2311:54.911
VIP Women06:04.5106:06.4712:10.982
VCKC Rum Runners Women06:28.2906:38.1813:06.473
ORPC Cookies07:01.2806:53.5013:54.784
Sr. Women's Division
FGPC Senior Women06:04.6106:12.5112:17.121
VCKC VAA'A VAA'A Boom07:29.7807:18.2114:47.992
Men's Division
CKC River Rats05:21.0905:14.7710:35.861
ORPC Big Dogs05:37.7005:27.3211:05.022
VCKC Mariner Warriors06:08.0106:07.2712:15.283
Mixed Division
VIP Whatever05:23.4505:22.1910:45.641
VCKC Marathoners05:42.8105:26.0311:08.842
ORPC Mixed Babes05:38.5105:37.0611:15.573
VCKC Rum Runners Mixed06:02.5905:53.0711:55.664
ORPC Mixed Darlings06:18.8106:12.8312:31.645
FGPC Houligans06:33.9306:37.3713:11.306
Sr. Mixed Division
FGPC Senior Mixed05:51.2705:43.9611:35.231
VCKC Ancient Mariners06:14.0906:03.1712:17.262
VCKC Ageless Warriors06:19.7106:29.9112:49.623

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