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Wavechaser Series 2015 - July 2, Race 4 Results
A 25 knot wind made for an interesting race! The course was kept inside the piers from Jericho Pier down to the Yacht Club pier and back to the ramp.
Short course was one lap, Medium course 2 laps (unofficial) and Long course 3 laps. Heading east to the Yacht Club was speedy!! Paddle back to Jericho Pier - not so much....
Short CourseBoat #Paddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1GaryGary ParsonsSUP-1M10:15:30
2ShannonShannon BellSUP-1F10:16:07
3484Radik GensOC-1M10:16:23
4623Friedrich BuxbaumSUP-1M20:19:51
5624Robin CoopeSUP-1M30:26:00
6690Tina HansenSUP-1F20:26:52
7666Ross CreasyOC-1M20:31:02
8323Mike WangSUP-1M40:39:15
9324Tristan GoodbodySUP-1M50:39:57
Medium CourseBoat #Paddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1326Micheal ParksOC-1M10:27:54
2549Marni HarrisSK-1F10:30:57
3Kevin HarrisSK-1M10:31:02
Long CourseBoat #Paddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
115Shane MartinSK-1M10:33:26
227Laci BujdosSK-1M20:34:42
3244Ash JamesOC-1M10:37:24
4681Chris DobrovlnySK-1M30:38:02
5232Tim GaleOC-1M20:39:45
7524Gabe SomjenOC-1M30:41:24
8232Tim GaleOC-1M40:44:40
9659Linda WarrenSK-1F10:44:47
1060Edward SernoskiOC-1M50:44:53
11384Ian PorterSK-1M40:47:39
12170Estelle MathesonOC-1F10:49:30
13518Michael JordanOC-1M60:51:37
14653Chris PerleyOC-1M70:51:41
15325Marylin TebbibOther10:58:09

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