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2015 Wake Up The Gorge Race Results
Hosted by Victoria Canoe and Kayak
Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Total Time Rank
Junior Division
VYPC Junior Mixed06:58.8807:00.5113:59.391
VYPC Junior Men07:05.2006:57.2014:02.352
Open Women's Division
Comox 106:06.3306:21.4812:27.811
Comox 206:13.0306:27.3312:40.362
VIP Open Women06:22.9906:37.1813:00.173
VCKC Gorge Busters06:29.5806:52.8113:02.394
ORPC Paddle Dippers06:51.6106:54.1713:05.785
VCKC Energizer Bunnies07:01.3707:16.4714:17.846
Sr. Women's Division
Gorge OC6 Women06:06.4406:25.5712:32.011
Powell River Senior Masters Women06:20.0706:40.0213:00.092
VIP Juicy06:23.1307:01.5313:25.063
VIP Saucy07:02.7606:46.6313:49.394
VIP Bullseye06:52.5407:01.0213:53.565
FGPC Wahine06:53.4607:06.1913:59.656
VCKC Va Va Va Boom07:39.8107:53.8815:33.696
Open Men's Division
FGPC Men (Marcus)05:22.0705:32.5710:54.641
Salish Warriors05:28.0305:52.0111:20.042
VIP Older Strokes And Younger Folks05:29.4805:54.7811:24.263
ORPC Open Men05:55.4806:14.8112:10.294
Senior Masters Men's Division
Comox Sr. Master Men05:21.0105:42.1411:03.151
Powell River Sr. Master Men05:44.7405:55.9511:40.692
VCKC Mixers06:22.0306:31.0212:53.053
Open Mixed Division
Comox 105:32.8905:59.4011:32.291
VIP Masters Mixed06:01.2006:15.0812:16.282
FGPC I'm The Walrus06:11.3406:25.9112:37.253
FGPC Blind Fury06:17.6206:39.7912:57.414
FGPC Happy Huligans06:12.7106:49.7113:02.625
Ontario Whakaruru06:23.8707:08.9413:32.816
Sr. Masters Mixed Division
Powell River Sr Masters Mixed 105:43.0005:57.2711:40.272
FGPC Juniors - Senior Master Mixed05:47.6605:53.0611:40.723
Gorge Outrigger Sr Masters Mixed05:50.8305:59.0011:49.834
VCKC RumRunners06:02.8806:25.6712:28.555
VCKC Riptide06:24.4306:35.1712:59.606
Powell River Sr Masters Mixed 206:27.2406:49.9413:17.187
ORPC Ripple Chicks07:12.7506:40.9313:53.688
VCKC Grey Kingfishers06:54.1107:03.6713:57.789

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