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2016 March Madness Race Results
Hosted by FCRCC
Heat 1 Team Division Div. Place Overall
Div. Place
1Brad's BunchOpen Men1123:15
2One WestOpen Men2223:54
3Pacific Reach MastersMasters Men1325:58
4Dreadnought Men IOpen Men3726:50
5UBC Thunder Men IOpen Men4927:16
6Kupuna KaneSenior Master Men1228:11
7Lotus F1Open Men529:43
8HuligansSenior Masters Men2330:55
Heat 2 Team Division Div. Place Time
1Dreadnought Ladies IIOpen Women1329:43
2FCRCC 2Open Women2630:20
3One West Women 2Open Women3930:55
4Ohana SpiritGolden Master Women1131:08
5UBC Thunder LadiesOpen Women41132:14
6HuligansGolden Master Women1233:15
7Shakabuku TCC WomensOpen Women51334:03
8Kupuna WahineGolden Master Women2335:19
Heat 3 Team Division Div. Place Time
1Masters Men (Canada)Masters Men1124:08
2Lotus Youth MenOpen Men1424:40
3Jericho MenMasters Men2225:41
4The McCalvin SpecialOpen Men2525:47
5Just Your and the BoatOpen Men3625:52
6Dreadnought Men IIOpen Men4827:15
7One West Open 2Open Men51128:10
8UBC Thunder Men IIOpen Men61629:30
Heat 4 Team Division Div. Place Time
1FCRCC IOpen Women1127:14
2Aussie RulesOpen Women2227:45
3One West WomenOpen Women3429:55
4Tricep TroopersOpen Women4530:09
5Jericho PaddlingOpen Women5730:02
6Holo Nui Women ISenior Master Women1131:00
7Dreadnought Ladies IOpen Women61031:15
8Ohana SpiritSenior Master Women2231:59
Heat 5 Team Division Div. Place Time
1FCRCC RYUOpen Men1324:34
2Holo Nui MenMasters Men1426:06
3Gibsons Mad HattersSenior Masters Men1127:53
4PR Open MenOpen Men21027:55
5Dreadnought Men IIIOpen Men31228:41
6Delicious DonutsNovice Men1129:26
7Shakabuku TCC MensOpen Men41429:41
8UBC Thunder Men IIIOpen Men51630:06
Heat 6 Team Division Div. Place Time
1FCRCC MD1Open Mixed129:21
2FCRCC Premier WomenOpen Women1830:53
3OCdNovice Men1231:47
4Pickle PaloozaNovice Women1132:35
5Da HuiOpen Women21232:35
6Da PuffsNovice Women2233:36
7Gibsons Queen of HeartsSenior Master Women1333:48
8DolphinsNovice Women3336:22
Heat 7 Team Division Div. Place Time
1Lotus Masters MixedSenior Master Mixed1228:49
2Holo Nui Mixed IIIMasters Mixed1429:27
3Kupuna RedKupuna Mixed1230:32
4Da HuiSenior Master Mixed2530:49
5Harrison MixedOpen Novice Mixed1131:11
6Huligans RedKupuna Mixed2331:48
7TCC Big SplashOpen Novice Mixed2332:11
8Harrison CrusadersOpen Novice Mixed3433:13
Heat 8 Team Division Div. Place Time
1Holo Nui Mixed 4Senior Master Mixed1127:38
2FCRCC MD2Open Mixed11129:16
3Gibsons WonderlandSenior Master Mixed2429:31
4Kupuna GreenKupuna Mixed1130:24
5Goons with SpoonsOpen Novice Mixed1231:17
6Shakabuku 2Open Novice Mixed2533:33
7UBC Thunder Mixed IVOpen Mixed22335:22
8Huligans GreenKupuna Mixed2436:30
Heat 9 Team Division Div. Place Time
1PR Masters MixedMaster Mixed1227:49
2Sasquatch 6Open Mixed1828:35
3One West 3Open Mixed21029:14
4Holo Nui Mixed 1Senior Master Mixed1129:17
5UBC Thunder Mixed IIIOpen Mixed31631:15
6Let's Get NauticalOpen Mixed41931:58
7VOS MixedMasters Mixed2532:22
8Eye of the DragonOpen Mixed52234:09
Heat 10 Team Division Div. Place Time
1One West 2Open Mixed1326:28
2Jericho Paddling 1Masters Mixed1126:52
3Lotus YouthOpen Mixed2526:58
4FCRCC Premier Mixed 2Open Mixed6327:35
5Shakabuku 1Open Mixed41330:32
6UBC Thunder Mixed IIOpen Mixed51430:36
7Swordfish 2Open Mixed61731:42
8setaripOpen Mixed72031:58
Heat 11 Team Division Div. Place Time
1One West 1Open Mixed11 (tied)25:10
2Usual SuspectsOpen Mixed21 (tied)25:10
3FCRCC Premier Mixed 1Open Mixed3426:32
4UBC Thunder Mixed IOpen Mixed4728:13
5Jericho Paddling 2Open Mixed5928:15
6PR MixedOpen Mixed51530:47
7Swordfish 1Open Mixed71931:45
8Dreadnought MixedOpen Mixed82133:58

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