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Brotchie Reach 2016 Results
May 7, 2016 - Race hosted by: Fairway Gorge Paddling Club
1HulierthanthouORPCMixed Novice0:52:50
2FGPC Huligans Novice 1FGPCMixed Novice0:54:09
3Buoy Boys and GirlsORPCMixed Novice0:55:17
4FGPC Hulgians Novice 2FGPCMixed Novice1:01:48
1Hulheten 2DuncanMixed Open1:12:07
2PAC MixedPAC ReachMixed Open1:12:13
3Hulheten 1DuncanMixed Open1:12:42
4IM Mixed 1FGPCMixed Open1:12:44
5Flying MonkeysNCKCMixed Open1:17:37
6FGPC Huligans Mixed 3FGPCMixed Open1:18:50
7ORPC MixedORPCMixed Open1:19:10
8FGPC Huligans Mixed MichealFGPCMixed Open1:19:29
9FGPC Huligans Mixed TrevorFGPCMixed Open1:23:43
1NCKC Just 4 KicksNCKCMixed Senior1:10:00
2Powell River and FriendsPRiverMixed Senior1:11:53
3Comox Mixed MastersComoxMixed Masters1:15:49
4IM Mixed MastersFGPCMixed Masters1:17:12
1Gorge Outrigger Open Women1FGPCOpen Women1:06:28
2Gorge Outrigger Open Women2FGPCOpen Women1:08:22
3Comox WomenComoxOpen Women1:08:48
4FCRCC 1FCRCCOpen Women1:11:20
5ORPC WomenORPCSenior Women1:11:38
6FGPC Gorge Outrigger SrWFGPCSenior Women1:13:25
7FGPC Huligans WahineFGPCOpen Women1:18:10
8IM WomenFGPCOpen Women1:19:32
1Gorge Outrigger M1FGPCOpen Men1:09:40
2ORPC MenORPCOpen Men1:15:44
3Bad BouysVIPOpen Men1:15:45
4Gorge Outrigger M2FGPCOpen Men1:17:07

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