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2016 Canadian Iron Championships - July 11, 2016
Hosted by the False Creek Racing Canoe Club
~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~

Overall Club/Team Name Division Div. Place Time
1Powell River Outrigger Canoe ClubUnlimited Mixed11:15:00
2FCRCC Pacific Spirit MixedGolden Masters Mixed11:19:40
3FCRCC Kupuna GreenKupuna Mixed21:19:56
4Pacific ReachOpen Mixed11:20:14
5FVDBC HooligansOpen Mixed21:20:55
6FCRCC Nani WahineOpen Women11:23:29
7Vancouver Ocean SportsOpen Mixed31:24:19
8Shuswap - SARPGolden Master Men11:24:48
9FCRCC Ohana Spirit 2Senior Master Women11:24:59
10FCRCC Kupuna RedKupuna Mixed31:26:43
11Gibsons Old FartsKupuna Men11:50:42

Photos by Roger Pimenta - more available here
1FCRCC WD 2Unlimited Women12:04:34
2ComoxUnlimited Women22:04:42
3FCRCC PremierMasters Women12:04:53
4FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1Open Women12:05:04
5Sand PointOpen Women22:17:48
6FCRCC WD 1Open Women32:18:44
7Tamalpais Outrigger ClubMasters Women22:22:54
8Calgary WomenOpen Women42:24:48
9FCRCC Ohana Spirit 1Golden Masters Women12:26:02
10Fairway Gorge IMOpen Women52:26:16
11Lotus Sports ClubOpen Women62:26:30
12Ocean River Canoe ClubSenior Masters Women22:27:26
13Fairway Gorge Tri-City GirlsSenior Masters Women32:30:49
14Dragon Zone Jiggly Puff Cherry BombsMasters Women32:34:58
1Team CascadiaUnlimited Men11:43:33
2GeronimoOpen Men11:48:16
3FCRCC Ho'okela Men 1Open Men21:48:39
4Sand PointUnlimited Men21:49:49
5Calgary Ice MenUnlimited Men31:52:23
6FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1Open Men31:53:20
7Mountain HomeOpen Men41:57:22
8Tamalpais Outrigger Canoe ClubOpen Men51:58:29
9Jericho Paddling ClubMasters Men12:02:21
10Lotus Sports Club YouthOpen Men62:02:38
11Fairway Gorge OutriggerSenior Masters Men12:03:04
12Lotus Sports Club Pack of MenSenior Masters Mixed22:03:40
13FCRCC Ho'okela 2Senior Masters Men32:06:02
14Kikaha Team DementiaGolden Masters Men12:08:28
15Dragon Zone No Pale KaiOpen Men72:14:19
16Lotus Sports Club F1Open Men82:17:32
1Kelowna MixedUnlimited Mixed11:52:54
2FVDBC Sasquatch 6Unlimited Mixed21:56:03
3Kelowna DeceptionsOpen Mixed11:57:30
4Kelowna Top FiftyUnlimited Mixed31:57:46
5Pacific Reach Mixed MastersMasters Mixed12:02:53
6PentictonOpen Mixed22:04:20
7FCRCC Premier MixedOpen Mixed32:05:30
8Jericho Paddling ClubOpen Mixed42:06:02
9Pacific Reach MixedOpen Mixed52:13:48
10Mountain HomeOpen Mixed62:15:19
11NCKC Just For KicksSenior Masters Mixed12:18:44
12Calgary Canoe ClubOpen Mixed72:21:24
13Mountain HomeOpen Mixed82:22:29
14NCKC HulhetunOpen Mixed92:23:16
15Fairway Gorge IM Mixed 2Open Mixed102:30:11
16Fairway Gorge IM Mixed 1Open Mixed112:33:01
17Sand PointMasters Mixed32:36:17

Sunday Smallboat Races
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Laci BujdosSenior Masters OC-1 Men10:55:19
2Wade Turner / Frank BurnsOpen OC-2 Men10:55:30
3Jason Crawford / Gian LuigiMasters OC-2 Men10:56:06
4Rob MagusOpen OC-1 Men10:56:55
5Garth Irwin / Lisa RobertsonMasters OC-2 Mixed10:57:58
6Bob StewartKupuna OC-1 Men10:58:24
7Lynda Roberts / Judy ScottMasters OC-2 Women10:58:33
8Shannon Bell / Zoe Norcross-NuuMasters OC-2 Women20:59:01
9John Roberts / Christine O’NeillSenior Masters OC-2 Mixed10:59:25
10Patrick McLellanSenior Masters OC-1 Men20:59:42
11Leanne StanleyOpen OC-1 Women11:00:01
12Ben SmillieOpen OC-1 Men21:00:17
13Lorene Archelek / Alex VanderhamGolden Masters OC-2 Mixed11:00:18
14Dave SchweterMasters OC-1 Men11:00:52
15Eric Tobiaz / Karin SchmidtOpen OC-2 Mixed11:00:57
16Martin JalkotzyGolden Master OC-1 Men11:01:24
17Doug ThomasMasters OC-1 Men21:01:44
18Mitch Palmer / Yui KamOpen OC-2 Men21:02:22
19Gabriel SomjenKupuna OC-1 Men21:03:51
20Marc LavertuGolden Masters OC-1 Men21:04:11
21Ian BoldenSenior Masters OC-1 Men31:04:43
22Doug KazakoffKupuna OC-1 Men31:05:27
23Darrell SmithGolden Masters OC-1 Men31:06:01
24Heather TaylorSenior Masters OC-1 Women11:06:22
25Michael JordanGolden Masters OC-1 Men41:06:34
26Ben DorringtonOpen OC-1 Men31:07:09
27Lyse FortinMasters OC-1 Women11:07:59
28Fan LewisGolden Masters OC-1 Men51:08:17
29Lynette DuJohn / Trish TurnerMasters OC-2 Women31:08:32
30Bruce GainerKupuna OC-1 Men41:09:04
31Pat BarkerSenior Masters OC-1 Women21:09:07
32Sue TrantSenior Masters OC-1 Women31:10:42
33Annie BouldingSenior Masters OC-1 Women41:10:50
34Sarah KilbySenior Masters OC-1 Women51:10:57
35Ann MohsKupuna OC-1 Women11:11:08
36Elaine RobertsGolden Masters OC-1 Women11:11:52
37Michelle ProudOpen OC-1 Women21:13:55
38Mike ClarkeMasters SUP Men11:25:55

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