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Jericho Iron Classic - May 21 2016 ~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~
Thanks to everyone who participated and to those that volunteered. We had a total of 55 crews, making this race the biggest in years - possibly in the history of the race. The racing was very competitive, the food delicious (thanks Shannon!), photos are beautiful (check out our facebook page) and we even had a sea lion posing on the red bell can. A nice distraction before paddlers turned for the home stretch!
SHORT COURSE (approx. 8 km.)
Start of Short Course
13 crews at the line for the start of the Short Course race
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCCKupuna Mixed143:21
2FCRCC HuligansSenior Masters Men143:23
3OC'd - FVDBCOpen Men144:03
4Da Hui - Fort LangleyOpen Mixed144:11
5Goons with Spoons - FVDBCMasters Mixed144:37
6VOS - Vancouver Ocean SportsOpen Mixed246:27
7Let's Get Nautical - FVDBCMixed Novice147:03
8FCRCC WD2Open Women147:18
9Lotus YouthOpen Mixed347:27
10Lotus WomenMasters Women148:42
11Harrison NoviceMixed Novice248:48
12RD Flyers - FCRCCOpen Men252:08
13Fort LangleyMixed Novice-DNF
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Hearing Bus Chickens - FCRCCOpen Mixed11:25.41
2Kelowna WomenOpen Women11:27.41
3Fairway Gorge 1Open Women21:29.23
4Comox WomenOpen Women31:30.32
5FCRCC WD 1Open Women41:30.53
6FCRCC PremierMasters Women11:32.37
7Sasquatch 6 - FVDBCOpen Mixed21:32.39
8Gorge MixedOpen Mixed31:33:55
9Sail Sand PointOpen Women51:34.06
10E Holomua 1 - FCRCCOpen Mixed41:35.36
11Gorge Open MixedOpen Mixed51:38.37
12Da Hui - FLCCOpen Mixed61:39.07
13DZ Distance WomenOpen Women61:39.11
14Jericho WomenOpen Women71:39.17
15Ocean River Paddling ClubSenior Master Women11:41.27
16Gorge Senior Master WomenSenior Master Women21:41.39
17Lotus YouthOpen Women81:42.24
18Ohana Spirit 2Golden Master Women11:42.26
19Pacific ReachOpen Women91:44.40
20Ohana Spirit 1Senior Master Women31:51.07
21Around the World in a Cardboard Box - DZMasters Women21:54.09
False Creek Men turning at the Sea Lion/Red Bell Can
False Creek Men turning at the Sea Lion/Red Bell Can
MEN / MASTERS MIXED (approx. 16 km.)
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Ho'okela Men 1 - FCRCCOpen Men11:17.50
2Rikkole CreeOpen Men21:18.17
3Gorge Open Men 1Open Men31:19.22
4Ho'okela Men 2 - FCRCCOpen Men41:19.23
5Jericho 1Masters Men11:20.00
6Sail Sand Point MenOpen Men51:21.23
7Lotus YouthOpen Men61:22.50
8DZ Distance MenOpen Men71:23.50
9Pacific ReachOpen Men81:24.02
10Gorge Senior Master MenSenior Master Men11:25.27
11Pack of Men - LotusSenior Master Men21:29.12
12Ho'okela Men 3 - FCRCCOpen Men91:29.37
13Jericho 2Masters Men21:30.04
14Sail Sand Point MixedMasters Mixed11:30.10
15Ho'okela Men 4 - FCRCCOpen Men101:30.52
16E Holomua II - FCRCCOpen Men 11 111:33.46
17NCKC Just for KicksSenior Master Mixed11:35.00
18Holo Nui - FLCC Masters Mixed21:37.46
19The Old Woodies - DragonzoneOpen Men 121:39.15
20Lotus F1Open Men 131:39.49
21Wailua Outrigger Masters Mixed31:40.22

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