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2016 NCKC Crazy 8s and NPI Attack - Race Results

Hosted by: Nanaimo Canoe & Kayak (NCKC)

Junior/Novice/Senior Masters
OverallTEAM / ClubDivisionTimeDiv. Place
1FGPC Huligans KaneYouth/Novice26:071
2NCKC VanquishYouth/Novice26:312
3ORPC Mary Stalker PoppinsSenior Masters27:241
4NCKC Red Feather 1Youth/Novice28:523
5NCKC Red Feather 2Youth/Novice29:083
6ORPC Sweet BabooSenior Masters30:032
OverallTEAM< / ClubDivisionTimeDiv. Place
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger AOpen1:04:251
2Comox Women GreyMasters1:07:361
3Gorge Outrigger BOpen1:09:002
4Comox Women BeigeMasters1:09:333
5FGPC IM Ladies Speed StickOpen1:15:124
6FLCC Da HuiMasters1:16:322
7FGPC Huligans WahineOpen1:17:005
8NCKC WildflowersSenior Masters1:17:451
9FGPC Outrigger Sr WomenSenior Masters1:18:412
10DragonZone PTAsMasters1:19:453
11FCRCC Ohana Spirit AuntiesSenior Masters1:22:053
12NCKC SnuneymuxwOpen1:22:446
13FCRCC Ohana Spirit SistersGolden Masters1:28:331
OverallTEAM / ClubDivisionTimeDiv. Place
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Open MenOpen1:01:201
2Island BraveOpen1:03:072
3The Abusement ParkOpen1:03:303
4FGPC Gorge Outrigger Senior Master MenSenior Master1:03:321
5NCKC VanquishOpen1:07:234
6NCKC SnuneymuxwOpen1:07:375
7Prince Rupert Outrigger ClubSenior Masters1:14:372
OverallTEAM< / ClubDivisionTimeDiv. Place
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Open AOpen53:441
2FGPC Gorge Outrigger Open BOpen57:202
3ORPC Open Mixed SamplerOpen57:453
4FGPC IM Outta HereOpen58:494
5FCRCC E Holomua 1Open59:265
6Comox Mixed GreyOpen1:01:226
7FCRCC False Creek Mash-upOpen1:10:257
8NCKC Flying MonkeysOpen1:03:188
9NCKC Hulhetun 2Open1:04:069
10NCKC Honey BadgersOpen1:04:4410
11NCKC Hulhetun 1Open1:05:5911
12FGPC Huligans MixedOpen1:07:1712
13NCKC VIU VortexOpen1:18:0813
MIXED Masters/Senior Masters
OverallTEAM< / ClubDivisionTimeDiv. Place
1Comox BeigeMasters53:041
2NCKC Just 4 KicksSenior Masters56:401
3FVDBC Sasquatch 6Masters57:022
4FLCC Da HuiSenior Masters1:00:222
5PROCS Powell River Mixed GMSenior Masters1:01:373
6FGPC IM Not Dead YetMasters1:02:033
7ORPC Nuts and BoltsMasters1:05:564

Newcastle/Protection Islands Attack (Sunday race)
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Gareth Tudor-JonesMen's Surfski152:35
2Nathan MiddletonMen's Surfski257:58
3Cameron AntifaceMen's Surfski359:15
4Ron WilliamsMen's OC1159:31
5Kathleen PetrereitWomen's Surfski11:00:45
6Ben SmillieMen's OC121:01:45
7Mel ConardWomen's OC111:02:13
8Rupert WongMen's OC131:02:48
9Len AshleyMen's OC141:17:19
10Alec MylesMen's Surfski41:17:31
11Mark HamiltonMen's OC1-DNF

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