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2017 Canadian Iron Championships - July 29, 2017
In Harrison Hot Springs, hosted by the Fraser Valley Dragonboat Club
~ Sunday's Smallboat Race Results ~

OC6 SHORT COURSE (12.5 km.)
OverallClub/Team NameDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Latitute 48 Paddling ClubUnlimited Mixed Open11:00:49
2FCRCC Hardy Short Bus ChickensMixed Masters 40+11:05:26
3Vernon Paddle Centre Mixed 2Mixed Open11:07:25
4Kelowna Paddling Club LadiesUnlimited Women's Open11:08:21
5FVDBC Sasquatch Novice MixedMixed Novice11:08:58
6FLCC Night RidersMixed Masters 40+21:09:03
7Lotus 6 PackMen's Masters 50+11:09:34
8Kamloops Mixed Nuts AhiwaaMixed Open21:10:01
9FGPC IntermediateUnlimited Mixed Open21:12:10
10Vancouver Ocean Sports Motley CrueMixed Open31:12:22
11FLCC Golden Masters MenMens Masters 60+11:12:45
12FLCC Holo NuiMixed Masters 40+31:12:48
13FCRCC RD EaglesMen Open11:13:38
14Dragon Zone Shakabuku Big SplashMen's Master 40+11:14:44
15Vernon Paddle Centre Mixed 1Mixed Open41:15:06
16FVDNC Goons With SpoonsMixed Open51:15:38
17Powell River OCC Mixed SM 2Mixed Masters 50+11:17:58
18Shuswap Rowing And Paddling Club Not Sure YetMixed Masters 50+21:18:31
19FLCC CatalinaMixed Masters 40+41:18:46
20FVDBC RevolutionMixed Novice21:19:12
21FVDBC The Ridiculous 6Mixed Open61:20:30
22Geronimo Canoe Club LadiesWomen Open11:20:37
23Vancouver Ocean Sports Ya YaWomen Open21:22:30
24Lotus WomenWomen Open31:24:00
25Dragon Zone Eye Of The DragonMixed Novice31:26:14
-Lotus Rec MixedMixed Open-DNS
OC6 WOMEN/MIXED (18.5 km.)
OverallClub/Team NameDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Kelowna Paddling Club 1Unlimited Woman's Open11:42:39
2FCRCC Hardy Bus ChickensMixed Open11:46:02
3Kelowna Paddling Club Mixed UpUnlimited Mixed Masters 50+11:47:42
4FGPC Comp WomenUnlimited Woman's Open21:15:36
5Pacific Reach MixedUnlimited Mixed Open11:51:41
6Penticton Racing Canoe Club MixedMixed Masters 40+11:53:21
7FVDBC Sasquatch MastersMixed Masters 40+21:58:37
8FCRCC EholomuaMixed Open21:58:58
9FVDBC Sasquatch Mixed OpenMixed Open32:00:06
10FCRCC Womens OutriggerWomen Open12:01:02
11ORPC Masters WomenWomen Masters 40+12:02:37
12Powell River OCC Mixed SM 1Mixed Masters 50+12:03:13
13FGPC IntermediateMixed Open42:04:11
14Kamloops Wailua Wave RiversMixed Masters 50+22:05:39
15FCRCC Eholomua 2Mixed Open52:07:05
16Latitude 48 Open WomenUnlimited Woman's Open32:07:49
17Kelowna Paddling Club Diamond DivasUnlimited Woman's Open42:09:39
18Latitude 48 Senior Masters WomenUnlimited Woman's Masters12:09:42
19FCRCC Womens Outrigger 2Women Open22:10:10
20Dragon Zone Shakabuku Big SplashWomen Novice12:43:15
21FLCC Golden Masters MixedMixed Masters 60+12:43:19
-FLCC River WarriorsMixed Masters 40+-DNS
-FCRCC Ohana Spirit LighteningWomen Masters 50+-DNS
OC6 MEN (18.5 km.)
OverallClub/Team NameDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Kelowna Paddling Club HehenasUnlimited Mens Open11:35:48
2FGPC Comp MenUnlimited Mens Open21:37:32
3Geronimo Canoe ClubMen Open11:38:21
4FCRCC Mens OutriggerMen Open21:39:04
5Latitude 48 Open MenUnlimited Mens Open31:41:21
6Kelowna Paddling Club Ship DisturbersUnlimited Mens Open41:42:46
7Calgary Ice MenUnlimited Mens 40+11:43:55
8Pacific Reach MenUnlimited Mens 40+21:44:27
9Vernon Paddle Centre Mens OpenMen Open31:49:05
10Latitude 48 Senior Masters MenUnlimited Mens 50+11:49:14
11Lotus Youth MenMen Open41:50:15
12FCRCC Mens Outrigger 2Men Open51:54:05
13Vancouver Ocean Sports MenMen's Masters 40+11:54:07
14FCRCC Kupuna KaneMen's Masters 60+12:07:49
-FLCC Golden Masters MenMen's Masters 60+-DNS

Sunday Smallboat Races
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time Pace
1Randy Brooks/Frank BurnsOC2 Men Senior Masters150:30.05:18.9
2Laci BujdosOC1 Men Senior Masters150:32.05:19.2
3Hugh C/Kale MOC2 Men Open150:47.05:20.7
4Marco Denee/Sally WallickOC2 Mixed Open151:07.05:22.8
5Jason C/Gian FOC2 Mens Masters151:34.05:25.7
6Mike B/Claire WOC2 Mixed Open252:04.05:28.8
7Don M/Dianne MOC2 Mixed Senior Master152:06.05:29.1
8Lisa R/Garth EOC2 Mixed Masters152:12.05:29.7
9Leanne StanleyOC1 Women Open152:25.05:31.1
10Mel D/Karen BOC2 Women Senior Masters152:32.05:31.8
11Jeremy/Kelsey SiddalOC2 Mixed Open353:10.05:35.8
12Debbie P/Andrea POC2 Women Open153:52.05:40.2
13Kent GorrieOC1 Men Open154:02.05:41.3
14Richard MildeHPS Men Senior Master154:04.05:41.5
15Penny/Stuart SeeleyOC2 Mixed Senior Master254:32.05:44.4
16Will PrehoferOC1 Men Open254:43.05:45.6
17Bryce B/Gwen COC2 Mixed Open454:50.05:46.3
18Jayson BatesOC1 Men Open355:14.05:48.8
19Melanie ConardOC1 Women Masters155:20.05:49.5
20Ben SmillieOC1 Men Masters155:42.65:51.9
21Brian McPhailOC1 Men Open455:56.05:53.3
22Dennis SilverstoneOC1 Men Senior Masters256:09.05:54.6
23Jill K/Jason EOC2 Mixed Masters256:16.05:55.4
24Jim BatesOC1 Men Golden Masters156:27.05:56.5
25Dave F/Ashley SOC2 Mixed Masters356:32.05:57.1
26Pat McLellanOC1 Men Golden Masters256:42.05:58.1
27Doug ThomasOC1 Men Senior Masters356:49.05:58.8
28Rob VarnelOC1 Men Senior Masters457:01.06:00.1
29Samuel SiuOC1 Men Open557:05.26:00.5
30Scott BorleOC1 Men Masters257:08.46:00.9
31Martin JalkotzyOC1 Men Golden Masters357:29.16:03.1
32Greg Kohlruss/Jean BlackOC2 Mixed Senior Master358:01.46:06.5
33Jack WormaldOC1 Men Masters31:00:02.36:19.2
34Kendra KentOC1 Women Open21:00:21.06:21.2
35Ian ChadwickOC1 Men Kupuna11:00:38.26:23.0
36Catherine N/Howie BOC2 Mixed Senior Master41:00:47.16:23.9
37Paul KendallOC1 Men Senior Masters51:00:50.96:24.3
38Reza SoltaniOC1 Men Senior Masters61:01:25.06:27.9
39Carmen PrehoferOC1 Women Senior Masters11:01:39.06:29.4
40Heather TaylorOC1 Women Senior Masters21:01:44.26:29.9
41Adam B, Kirsten LOC2 Mixed Open51:01:54.16:31.0
42Aaron LoneyOC1 Men Novice11:04:19.56:46.3
43Wade TurnerOC1 Men Masters41:04:22.06:46.5
44David CameronOC1 Men Senior Masters71:05:42.96:55.0
45Lane GehmanOC1 Men Senior Masters81:05:47.66:55.5
46Karen SimpsonOC1 Womens Golden Masters11:08:08.87:10.4
47Eric FryerOC1 Men Kupuna21:08:40.57:13.7
48David JovanovicOC1 Men Golden Masters41:08:46.17:14.3
49Otto ErdelskyOC1 Men Kupuna31:09:42.17:20.2
50Sue TrentOC1 Womens Golden Masters21:09:53.57:21.4
51Ellie KrahnOC1 Women Novice11:15:13.87:55.1
52Adrianna MosikoffOC1 Women Masters21:15:17.87:55.6

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