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Gorge Outrigger Race Results - July 15, 2017
Race hosted by Waterwalker
The second all downwind course for this event! Conditions were great for the Mixed and Women's event but flattened out about the half way mark for the Men's race.
OverallCrewDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC Hardy Bus ChickensUL Open Mixed11:33:51.1
2NAC-UL Open Mixed 2UL Open Mixed21:34:46.6
3Latitude 48 Open MixedUL Open Mixed31:34:51.1
4Rikkole CreeUL Open Mixed41:40:07.0
5Team PossAbilitiesUL Open Mixed51:41:47.6
6Calgary Canoe ClubUL Masters Mixed11:42:27.8
7Dana OutriggerUL Open Women11:42:29.7
8FCRCC Women's and Men's Outrigger 1OC6 Open Mixed11:43:01.0
9O KalaniUL Open Women21:43:12.9
10FGPC Womens CompUL Open Women31:43:19.9
11Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club-UL GM MixedUL Masters Mixed21:43:36.2
12Team KialoaUL Sr. Masters Women11:44:19.1
13NAC #1UL Masters Women11:44:37.7
14NAC-UL Open Mixed 1UL Open Mixed61:45:35.5
15Team FreelanceUL Masters Mixed31:46:38.7
16Calgary Canoe ClubUL Open Mixed71:46:47.9
17Pacific CousinsOC6 Masters Women11:47:34.7
18O KalaniUL Masters Mixed41:49:41.0
19FCRCC Women's and Men's Outrigger 2OC6 Open Mixed21:49:43.9
20NAC #3 - UL Boat #85XUL Open Women41:50:16.8
21Team Naish MastersOC6 Masters Mixed11:50:21.5
22San Diego Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Open Women51:50:39.0
23Pale Kai Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Open Mixed81:52:47.1
24Team Manu KaiUL Masters Mixed51:53:18.5
25Fraser Valley DBOC6 Masters Mixed21:54:56.5
26Sand Point OCCUL Open Women61:57:10.4
27E Holomua 1 - FCRCCOC6 Open Mixed31:57:54.0
28HROCCOC6 Masters Women21:57:59.6
29BBOPUL Open Women71:58:06.0
30Island Brave Canoe ClubOC6 Open Women11:58:51.4
31Jericho Paddling ClubOC6 Masters Women31:59:13.7
32Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club, team JosieOC6 Masters Women41:59:33.7
33Dana OutriggerUL Masters Women21:59:52.7
34Kai I Kai KaOC6 Open Mixed42:00:06.3
35DOCCUL Sr. Masters Women22:00:22.7
36Bend OCC (unofficial)OC6 Open Mixed52:02:37.5
37Kai IkaikaOC6 Open Women22:04:21.3
38Latitude 48UL Sr. Masters Women32:05:20.6
39Mountain Home Canoe ClubOC6 Masters Women52:05:27.6
40Kikaha O Ke Kai WomenOC6 Open Women32:06:03.8
41Hui Wa'a O WakinikonaOC6 Masters Mixed32:06:27.3
42FCRCC Women's OutriggerOC6 Open Women42:06:36.8
43Sand Point OCCOC6 Open Women52:06:46.5
44Keiki Kupunas-boat 65OC6 Open Mixed62:07:10.7
45BBOPOC6 Masters Women62:08:13.6
46Hood River Canoe ClubOC6 Masters Women72:08:31.6
47CROCCOC6 Masters Mixed42:08:55.4
48BBOPOC6 Masters Mixed52:09:47.5
49FCRCC /E Holomua 2OC6 Open Mixed72:11:48.3
50Hui Wa'a o WakinikonaOC6 Open Mixed82:12:15.8
51KikahaOC6 Sr. Masters Mixed12:12:53.9
52Vancouver Ocean SportsOC6 Open Mixed92:17:52.6
53Bridge City Paddling ClubOC6 Open Mixed102:19:22.4
-SOCC - LĂ„olaUL Open Women-DNF
-Bridge City Paddling ClubUL Open Women-DNF
1NAC #2UL Open Men11:12:45.0
2Dana OutriggerUL Open Men21:13:29.7
3Outrigger Team CaliforniaUL Sr. Masters Men11:14:09.1
4O KalaniUL Open Men31:14:20.9
5BBOPUL Masters Men11:14:36.4
6Sand Point OCCOC6 Open Men11:16:32.4
7FCRCC Men's Outrigger 2UL Open Men41:16:41.5
8Latitude 48UL Open Men51:16:42.2
9NAC #2UL Open Men61:18:14.0
10FGPC CompUL Open Men71:19:34.2
11Hood River Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Sr. Masters Men21:20:23.1
12Ice MenUL Sr. Masters Men31:20:27.6
13Kai Ikaika 2UL Masters Men21:21:13.4
14Sand Point OCCUL Open Men81:21:46.2
15Seattle Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Open Men91:22:00.8
16San Diego Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Open Men101:24:36.4
17Dana O KikahaUL Golden Masters Men11:25:06.8
18Kikaha O Ke KaiOC6 Masters Men11:25:13.6
19IMUA Master Men UL TeamUL Masters Men31:26:06.1
20FCRCC Men's Outrigger 2UL Open Men111:26:08.1
21Mountain Home CanoeOC6 Masters Men21:27:06.6
22BBOPOC6 Masters Men31:27:54.7
23Ultimate Warrior Canoe ClubOC6 Open Men21:28:47.9
24Island Brave CCOC6 Open Men31:29:51.4
25Tri Cities Outrigger Canoe ClubOC6 Masters Men41:30:38.8
26Latitude 48UL Sr. Masters Men41:31:20.8
27Bridge City Paddling ClubUL Open Men121:31:58.5
28Kai Pana Outrigger Canoe ClubUL Open Men131:32:32.9
29Vancouver Ocean SportsOC6 Masters Men51:32:57.2
30Team NaishOC6 Masters Men61:33:15.3
31Ele MakuleOC6 Kapuna Men11:36:54.3
32HWOPS KaneOC6 Open Men41:38:38.3
33SOCCOC6 Open Men51:42:23.7
34Sand Point OCCOC6 Sr. Masters11:43:48.7
35KikahaOC6 Open Men61:46:47.8
-Rikkole CreeUL Open Men-DNF
-Liquid Avalanche - HROCCOC6 Open Men-DNS
-Kai IkaikaUL Masters Men-DNS

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