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Lotus Poker Paddle - September 23, 2017 - Race Results
Hosted by: Lotus Sports Club
Heat 1 OverallTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeWinning Poker Hand
1FCRCC Women's and Men's Outrigger 1FCRCCMixed132:34-
2FCRCC Women's and Men's Outrigger 2FCRCCMixed234:57-
3FLCC Holo Nui Mixed Masters 1Fort LangleyMixed Masters 40+135:23-
4FCLL Holo Nui Mixed Masters 2Fort LangleyMixed Masters 40+235:52-
5FLCC Team HawkFort LangleyWomen140:19-
6FCRCC RD #1FCRCCMixed341:15-
7FLCC Team Eagle SpiritFort LangleyWomen241:25*
Heat 2 OverallTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeWinning Poker Hand
1Gibsons JokersGibsonsMixed135:28-*
2Gibsons PlayersGibsonsMixed Masters 50+136:36
3FLCC CatalinaFLCCMixed Masters 40+136:45
4FLCC Catalina WomenFLCCWomen Masters 40+138:51*
5Ohana SpiritFCRCCWomen139:07-
6Team FuryFLCCWomen Masters 50+139:20-
Heat 3 OverallTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeWinning Poker Hand
1FCRCC Kupuna GreenFCRCCKupuna Mixed137:06*
2Card SharksFLCCMixed Masters 60+137:16-
3FCRCC Kupuna RedFCRCCKupuna Mixed237:38-
4Jokers WildFLCCMixed Masters 60+238:14-
5Stacked DeckFLCCMixed Masters 60+338:16-
6Hands on the TableDeltaMixed139:07-
7RD 2FCRCCMixed240:30-
Heat 4 OverallTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeWinning Poker Hand
2Lotus Rec Mixed 1LotusMixed235:06-
3Flying MonkeysNCKCMixed337:07-
4Ohana SpiritFCRCCWomen137:15*
5Lotus Rec Mixed 2LotusMixed439:36-
6Eye of the DragonDragon ZoneMixed540:51-
7SFU ShockwaveDragon ZoneMixed647:14-

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