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Wavechaser Paddle Series
2019 Wavechaser Race Series - Race #2 Results - May 9, 2019
Long CoursePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Shane MartinHPK Male137:05.9
2Brian And TristaHPDK Female/Male137:13.0
3Ashley JamesHPK Male239:01.0
4Rob MagusV1 Male140:34.4
5Peter And SilkeHPDK Female/Male240:42.0
6Rob And EdOC2 Male141:26.0
7Jim SmithHPK Male341:52.9
8Brad MorrisonOC1 Male142:43.9
9SP SmithHPK Female142:54.3
10Andrew McLeanOC1 Male243:19.0
11Dusan KafkaOC1 Male343:55.0
12Bob StewartOC1 Male443:56.4
13Jamie StirlingHPK Male444:08.7
14Stu HigginsonOC1 Male544:42.2
15Phil GorsuchOC1 Male645:28.7
16Matt StrandOC1 Male745:29.1
17Gabe SomjenOC1 Male846:22.2
18Paul KendalOC1 Male947:46.0
19Anastacio LeivaHPK Male548:30.1
20Aaron LoneyOC1 Male1049:39.4
21Frank FarahOC1 Male1150:11.4
22Jaye KerznerV1 Female151:04.4
23Leni CorinOC1 Female153:55.7
Short CoursePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Sean GibsonHPK Male125:54.8
2Carolyn GirardHPK Female129:11.4
3Freidrich BuxbaumSUP 14' Male131:57.6
4Daniel ThomsonSUP 14' Male232:59.9
5Robin CoopeSUP 14' Male333:20.8
6Tobias ClareSUP 14' Male437:32.1
7Colleen CannonHPK Female241:27.8
8Karen JohnsonSUP 12' 6" Female148:53.4

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