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Wake Up The Gorge Race Results - April 6 and 7, 2019

Hosted by: Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club

Overall Team Division Time
Saturday OC6
Open Mixed
1Mixing It UpFairway Gorge Paddling Club12:12
2OliveLatitude 48 Paddling Club12:43
3PearLatitude 48 Paddling Club12:43
4LimeLatitude 48 Paddling Club13:16
5XISUL S_Thuy elhNanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club13:27
6Marathon Mixed 2Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club13:29
7MintLatitude 48 Paddling Club13:44
8Powell River GM Mixed IIPowell River13:50
9OCDB nine-nineFairway Gorge Paddling Club14:24
10DevoOcean River Paddling Club15:14
Senior Mixed
1SageLatitude 48 Paddling Club12:44
2Marathon Mixed 1Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club13:02
3Just for Kicks 1Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club13:19
4Golden Masters - MixedFort Langley Canoe Club13:21
5Powell River Senior Mixed IPowell River13:30
6Just for Kicks 2Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club13:43
7VCKCVictoria Canoe and Kayak Club14:32
Senior Women
1SeafoamLatitude 48 Paddling Club13:37
2Just for KicksNanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club14:02
3Powell River Golden WomenPowell River14:18
4Golden MastersFort Langley Canoe Club14:32
5Vaa'a Vaa'a Vaa'a boomFVictoria Canoe and Kayak Club17:27
Open Men
1Boys In A BoatFairway Gorge Paddling Club11:18
2Marathon MenVictoria Canoe and Kayak Club11:39
3EmeraldLatitude 48 Paddling Club11:44
4Golden MenPowell River12:41
5PC Old DogsVPearson College13:17
Senior Men
1SeaweedLatitude 48 Paddling Club11:58
2Just for KicksNanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club12:23
3Golden MastersFort Langley Canoe Club12:35
Open Women
1Comp WomenFairway Gorge Paddling Club12:29
2ChartreuseLatitude 48 Paddling Club12:47
3Team PringlesPringles13:42
4Marathon WomenVictoria Canoe and Kayak Club13:56
5Get Your Fist WetVictoria Canoe and Kayak Club14:57
1VYPCVictoria Youth Paddling Club13:33
2PC WahinesPearson College14:16
3PC Young PupsPearson College14:23
4PC HinesPearson College14:28

Sunday Smallboats - Morning (approx. 8.5 km)
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Rupert and JonasOC2 Open Men147:19
2Len MorrisV1 Open Men147:38
3Jasper MorrisOC1 Junior Men148:32
4Dan MillerOC1 Open Men149:58
5Derek and AllisonOC2 Senior Mixed150:02
6Gus MorrisOC1 Open Men250:29
7Sherman ChowOC1 Open Men352:50
8Charlie CharlieOC1 Open Men454:39
9Emmy MorrisOC2 Open Mixed157:36
10Sue MilliganOC1 Senior Women159:28
11Leslie PaigeOC1 Open Women11:04:48
12Carol PalOC1 Senior Women21:08:42
13Stepahnie LuyyeOC1 Open Women21:10:58
Sunday Smallboats - Afternoon (approx. 7 km)
1Jason and RyanMC2 Open Men141:05
2Jonas and RupertMC2 Open Men242:44
3Bon and DarrelleMC2 Mixed145:59
4Dan MillerSUP Open Men146:32
5Peter and LaraMC2 Mixed246:33

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