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What does Jericho Paddling Club membership include? Members access to club boats: OC6, OC1, OC2, surfskis and SUPs (subject to orientation and agreeing to club rules) and other equipment (paddles, PFDs). Use of boats and joining programs is included with your membership, although programs may have fees to cover coaching and other expenses. A key to club storage areas is provided to all members, allowing access to all Club boats, equipment and storage of gear while paddling.

All members are required to belong to the Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA), which operates the entire Sailing Centre facility (e.g. buildings, yard, showers). Your JSCA membership card provides access to the change room, showers and rooftop deck. Enjoy the Galley Patio and Grill with a membership discount! As a club, we enjoy the support of the Sailing Centre as a race venue, support boats for races and coaching sessions, as well as First Aid.

All members are required to pay annual CORA fees (based on the calendar year) regardless of whether they paddle outrigger or compete in races because they provide our club insurance. Please pay CORA fees online at the end of December / beginning of January for the upcoming year.

Club Members are expected to be familiar with and follow the JPC Safety Policy and Code of Conduct Policy.

Club Membership
Fees for April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024 are:
 Jericho Paddling
Club (JPC)
Jericho Sailing Centre
Association (JSCA)
Adult:$ 254.50$ 109.20$ 30$ 393.70
Junior:$ 127.25$ 109.20$ 10$ 246.70
Individual (Mid-season*)$ 125.00$ 109.20$ 30$ 264.20
* Mid-Season = new members joining between Sept 5, 2023 - March 31, 2024.

Membership does not cover race and/or trailering fees, club uniforms, paddles or other related paddling equipment, travel and lodging. Interested in Registering? Please complete the forms at Jericho Paddling Waiver.

Please pay your CORA fees online.

Questions? Please contact

Jericho Paddling Club members have priority access to available smallboat storage. However, storage payments are managed through and paid directly to the Jericho Sailing Centre - no exceptions. Storage rates for 2022 to be confirmed. The Jericho Sailing Centre storage payments are based on an April 1 - March 31 year.

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