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Jericho Iron, photo by Roger Pimenta

Welcome to the 25th Annual Jericho Iron Classic!
We look forward to lots of paddlers, lots of prizes, great food and fantastic racing.

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OC6 - Saturday, May 27th, 2017
Location: Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver, BC Canada
Registration: On-site Registration: Saturday May 27th 8:00am - 10:30am at the Jericho Sailing Centre
Registration Fee: $180.00 CDN/US per crew ($30 per paddler) if registered by May 8th, 2017.
Late registration (May 9 to race day) is $210.00 CDN/US per crew ($35 per paddler).

$90.00 CDN/US per Junior crew ($15 per paddler) if registered by May 8th, 2017.
Late registration (May 9 to race day) is $120.00 CDN/US per Junior crew ($20 per paddler).

Notes: US crews - stock up on Cdn dollars before hitting the race site! Sorry - no US cheques, please.
All participants must sign the race waiver. Download the race waiver here. CORA membership will be verified. Non-CORA members must pay the $10 day fee ($5 for Juniors) and complete the CORA one-day waiver in order to enter the race.

Race Times: Novice/Short Course OC6 - 9:30 am
Women and Mixed Open OC6 - 11:00 am
Men and Mixed Masters OC6 - 1:00 pm

Note: We need to have at least 5 crews to hold a short course race. This is where your early registration comes in handy, so submit that intent to race form!

Race Course: Full Course approx. 15km-18km, Short Course - approx. 8 km. Actual race courses to be determined on race day pending wind and tide conditions. Course will be defined at the pre-race steers meeting.
Tide Predictions: High tide: 6:32 am, 4.4 M
Low tide: approx. 1:50 pm, 0.2 M
Safety: 6 functioning PFD's per boat. This race can be in big water - spray skirts are highly recommended. We don't have any spare spray skirts so if you are bringing your own boats, bring the skirts!
Lunch and Awards: We are looking forward to lunch this year, catered by Shannon who did such an amazing job last year! Lunch will be served starting around 11:30, and again after the women's and men's races. Awards to follow the completion of each race, and after the start of the next event. Friends of racers - $10 per person for lunch
Spare Canoes: Most clubs that host OC6 Iron events need their canoes for their own crews. Therefore, all crews are responsible for securing their own canoes for Iron races. If you or your club cannot arrange a canoe for your crew, do not assume the host club can provide this. You may need to arrange for a canoe from another club. If you need to borrow a boat, we suggest that you post a message on the CORA Message Boards. The CORA web site also has a list of clubs with contact names. If you need to borrow a canoe, please note:
  1. Be prepared to deal with the club loaning the canoe. It is not up to race directors to do this for you.
  2. Clubs that loan canoes to other crews may ask for a rental fee or for assistance with the trailering costs. Discuss this in advance!
  3. Clubs loaning canoes are loaning something very dear to them. It is the crew/sterns responsibility to care for that canoe, to ensure that it is not damaged due to negligence or irresponsible behaviour. Any incidents that involve canoe damage are to be reported to the loaning club immediately so they can assess integrity of the canoe and any costs associated with the damage should be borne by borrowing crew.
  4. Do not assume that your canoe will be "ready to race" when you receive it from the loaning club. You and your crew are expected to help with canoe loading and unloading, as well as rigging and unrigging. If you do not know how to rig a canoe, tell them in advance. You can still participate in the effort and perhaps learn the process! This also goes for loading/unloading canoes off and on to trailers.
  5. If your plans change, and you no longer need to borrow a canoe, inform the loaning club ASAP. Loaning a canoe, especially trailering one, takes energy, time and money. Be responsible for this commitment. If you can't make the event, tell the loaning club well in advance.
Parking: Pay Parking is in effect and EasyPark monitors regularly! $3.50 per hour or $13 for the day. There is free parking out on NW Marine Drive but you will have to walk a couple of blocks to get to the Sailing Centre.
Contact: Jericho Iron

Sunday OC1/2/Surfski/SUP Challenge
Update: Due to the low turn-out last year, it was decided to pass on holding a small boat race this year. If we get a huge request to host this again, we will look at adding it back to the calendar next year.

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Contact: Jericho